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Beyond the original game's 13 rows of achievements (see here), there are, as of the Bosonic Lab update, 9 more rows of achievements in NG+++. One vanilla achievement reward that has been changed is "I never liked this infinity stuff anyway", which gets another reward of "Your infinitied stat gain is multiplied by dilated time^(1/4)."

Position ID Name Requirement Rewards Details
r141 ngpp1 I'm so meta Unlock meta dimensions. None
r142 ngpp2 And still no ninth dimension... Get the eighth meta-dimension. All meta-dimensions are 10% stronger and you start with 100 meta-antimatter on reset.
r143 ngpp3 In the grim darkness of the far endgame Reach 1.00e40000 EP. None
r144 ngpp4 Meta-boosting to the max Get 10 meta-dimension boosts. Meta-dimension boosts are each 1.01x stronger.
r145 ngpp5 The cap is a million, not a trillion Get 1.00e12 eternities. Eternity upgrade 2 uses a better formula. xlog10(x)^3.75
r146 ngpp6 It will never be enough Reach 1e100000 replicanti. You can buy max replicanti galaxies.
r147 ngpp7 GAS GAS GAS Get 1,000,000 tickspeed upgrades from time dimensions. Autobuyers for max TD and x5 EP.
r148 ngpp8 Universal harmony Have at least 700 normal, replicanti, and free dilated galaxies. Galaxies are 0.1% stronger.
r151 ng3p11 I don't have enough fuel! Reach 1.80e308 meta-antimatter. None
r152 ng3p12 Sub-atomic Go quantum. You gain 20x more eternitied stat up to 100,000 eternitied stat. You also unlock "Don't respec studies and auto-reunlock ECs" option.
r153 ng3p13 Hadronization Have colored quarks but no color charge. None
r154 ng3p14 Work harder. Unlock dilation without buying eternity upgrades. None
r155 ng3p15 No more tax fraud! Have 900 galaxies without unlocking dilation. You permanently keep your banked infinities and 5% of your eternitied stat on quantum.
r156 ng3p16 And the winner is... Quantum in under 30 seconds. None
r157 ng3p17 Old age Reach 1e191,235,129,120 antimatter.(1e3*86400*365.2425*whichever year it is currently(2020)) None Writing this number will take you the number of years whichever year it currently is now(if you write 3 digits per second).
r158 ng3p18 I already got rid of you... Reach 1e400,000 IP while dilated without having studies or electrons. Generate time theorems based on your best-ever tachyon particles. 2% of normal production.
r161 ng3p21 Special Relativity Quantum in under 5 seconds. None
r162 ng3p22 We are not going squared. Reach 1e1500 MA with exactly 8 meta-dimension boosts. None
r163 ng3p23 この実績は存在しない3 (This achievement doesn't exist 3) Reach 9e99,999,999 EP. Gain more EP based on amount of IP you had when eternitying. Exponent is divided by 307.8 instead of 308.
r164 ng3p24 Old memories come true Reach 1e1700 MA without having Normal Dimensions 5-8 or more than 4 Dimension Boosts. None
r165 ng3p25 Twice in the row Complete Paired Challenge 4. Unlock "# of dilated" mode of quantum autobuyer.
r166 ng3p26 Infinity Morals Quantum without having meta-dimension boosts. None
r167 ng3p27 Intergalactic Reach 4,000,000 Eighth Dimensions while having no replicated/free galaxies. Eighth Dimensions are stronger based on your normal galaxies. 10(x, min(sqrt(log10(max(x, 1))) * 2, 2.5))
r168 ng3p28 Seriously, I already got rid of you. Reach 1e354,000 IP while dilated and in QC2 without time studies. None
r171 ng3p31 ERROR 500: INTERNAL DIMENSION ERROR Reach 1e333 MA without having second meta dimensions or meta-dimension boosts. None
r172 ng3p32 The truth of anti-challenged Reach 1e78.800 T antimatter without having completed paired challenges. None
r173 ng3p33 Never make paradoxes! Quantum without having dilation upgrades. None
r174 ng3p34 The Challenging Day Complete 24 unique paired challenge combinations. Matter can bypass antimatter in QC6. This is a requirement to unlock Big Rips.
r175 ng3p35 An ant office? Promote a worker into the second Emperor Dimension. Replicants feed babies 10x faster.
r176 ng3p36 I can't get my multipliers higher! Reach 1e620,000,000,000 antimatter in Eternity Challenge 11. None
r177 ng3p37 No dilation means no production. Reach 1e2,000,000 replicanti without having Tachyon particles. Start quantums with the same amount of Tachyon particles as the square root of your best TP.
r178 ng3p38 I don't want you to live anymore. Reach 5.19e308,254 IP (2^1,024,000) while dilated, in QC2, and without having studies or First Dimensions during your current Eternity. None
r181 ng3p41 Time is not relative Get 1.00e411 dilated time without gaining tachyon particles. None
r182 ng3p42 ERROR 404: DIMENSIONS NOT FOUND Get 1.00e1.600 T antimatter without having any types of non-First Dimensions or more than 1 normal galaxy. None
r183 ng3p43 Impossible expectations Get 1.00e8,000,000 antimatter in PC6+8. None
r184 ng3p44 Studies are wasted Get 1.10e7 TT without having generated TTs,or gaining your TTs back,and respeccing studies. Time Theorem production is 10x faster until you have 1 hour worth of normal TT production. Big Rip would originally complete this achievement; It no longer completes it and you have to complete it in a regular quantum.
r185 ng3p45 Do protons decay? Unlock Tree of Decay. None
r186 ng3p46 Hardly marked Complete PC3+8. None
r187 ng3p47 Stop blocking me! Get the replicanti reset requirement to 1.00e12,500,000 Getting a normal replicant manually doesn't reset your replicanti and can be automated.
r188 ng3p48 Are you currently dying? Reach 1.00e275,000 IP while dilated, in PC6+8, and without studies. None
r191 ng3p51 To the new dimension! Big Rip the universe. Keep your Infinity Upgrades and autobuyers, Time Theorem production is 100x faster, unlock "X times eternitied" mode of Eternity autobuyer, and gain 1 EC11 completion when you complete EC12. The 100x TT production doesn't work until ghostify.
r192 ng3p52 Quantum doesn't take so long Quantum in under 1 second. Expand Automatic Eternity to contain new after-eternity features. Unlocks the "Auto-Eternity" tab in Eternity.
r193 ng3p53 Gonna go fast Get 1.00e1185 EP first and then double that by disabling dilation while big ripped. None
r194 ng3p54 We can really afford 9. Undo the big rip with exactly 9 galaxies, 9 replicated galaxies and 9 Fourth Time Dimensions. None Better get this ASAP after breaking eternity.

If you forget to get it before ghostifying, you should do it in EC10, since entering EC10 will disable TD production, as well as clear your produced TDs so that you can get exactly 9 TD4.

r195 ng3p55 Time Breaker Break Eternity. Galaxies don't reset your Dimension Boosts.
r196 ng3p56 Time Immunity Get 1.00e80,000,000 antimatter with at 1 normal galaxy while in Eternity Challenge 7 and big ripped. None
r197 ng3p57 You're not really smart. Get 1.00e215 Time Shards without having time study 11 while big ripped. None
r198 ng3p58 And so your life? Reach 1e350,000 IP without studies and normal EP multi upgrades while dilated and big ripped. None
r201 ng3p61 Kee-hee-hee! Become a ghost. Gain 100x eternitied stat as before (weakens as you have more), all quantum mechanic unlocks only require Time Theorems, assignment options are kept permanently, Nanofield is 3x faster until you reach 16 rewards, and you start with 1 Eighth Time Dimension in Big Rips. Eternity stat mult:


r202 ng3p62 Finite Time Get 1e33 Space Shards without Breaking Eternity. None
r203 ng3p63 This achievement doesn't exist 4 Reach 9.999999e99 Eternal Matter. Gain more QK based on meta-antimatter when going quantum, and Meta Dimensions don't get affected by dilation if you are not in a Quantum Challenge. Exponent is divided by 279.8 instead of 280.
r204 ng3p64 Really? Undo Big Rip with at least 1e100000 matter. None
r205 ng3p65 But I don't want to grind! Get 21st Nanofield reward without having Tree upgrades. None
r206 ng3p66 I rather oppose the theory of everything Complete Brave Milestones. None
r207 ng3p67 Will it be enough? Reach 1e36,000,000 replicanti. None
r208 ng3p68 Please answer me why you are dying. Reach 1e950,000 IP while dilated, big ripped, and without time studies, EP multi upgrades, or Break Eternity. Each time you become a ghost, you gain 2.00e3 galaxies worth of all generations of neutrinos, multiplied by your best-ever normal galaxy amount in all Big Rips.
r211 ng3p71 Progressing as a Ghost Unlock Ghostly Photons. You produce 1% of gluons gained on quantum every second if you have the 8th Brave Milestone, and Tachyon Particles persist in Big Rip if you have the 16th Brave Milestone.
r212 ng3p72 Underchallenged Become a ghost with at least 1e220,000 EP without starting Eternity Challenge 10 while Big Ripped. None
r213 ng3p73 Meta-Infinity confirmed? Get 1.79e308 infinitied stat. You gain banked infinites and eternities when you either go quantum or Big Rip the universe without having to gain infinitied and eternitied. Banked infinities and eternities persist in Big Rip.
r214 ng3p74 Weak Decay Get 1e1.000 T Infinity Unstable Quarks for each branch without Big Ripping. None
r215 ng3p75 Radioactive Decaying to the Max! Get 10 total Radioactive Decays. None
r216 ng3p76 Running Through Big Rips Become a ghost in 0.6 seconds. Quantuming doesn't require meta-antimatter if you got the meta-antimatter requirement in your current Ghostify. You can quantum if best meta antimatter in this Ghostify exceeds 9.32e446.(You still can't quantum if you get no quark from that.)
r217 ng3p77 The Theory of Ultimate Studies Have at least 48 Mastery Studies. Whn you become a ghost, you start with all Eternity Challenges and all Time Studies bought. You start with study tree filled(and ECs are completed to save 1 tick),

All studies except TS431 is required.

r218 ng3p78 Aren't you already dead?

Reach 1e1,800,000 IP while dilated and big ripped and without having studies, EP mult upgrades, Tree Upgrades, and Break Eternity.

r221 ng3p81 Even Ghostlier than before Unlock Bosonic Lab. None
r222 ng3p82 Overchallenged Become a ghost with at least 1e375,000 EP while Big Ripped with Anti-Dilation modifier. None
r223 ng3p83 Pulling an All-Nighter Get 165 Paired Challenges rating. None
r224 ng3p84 Big Rip isn't enough Complete a Paired Challenge with Quantum Challenges 6 and 8 combinations. None
r225 ng3p85 Everlasting Eternities Get 1.80e308 eternitied stat. None
r226 ng3p86 Back to Challenge One Get a Paired Challenge 1 reward after you get 1e1,650,000,000 antimatter in Quantum Challenges 6 and 8. None
r227 ng3p87 The Deep Challenge Complete Eternity Challenge 11 with 1e15500 IP in a Paired Challenge with Quantum Challenges 6 and 8 combinations and Anti-Dilation modifier. None For some reason(maybe a bug), you only need to complete EC11 in the PC after you ghostified once. (Reaching e15500IP gives "This achievement doesn't exist 4")
r228 ng3p88 I give up. Reach 1e225,000 IP while dilated and big ripped with Anti-Dilation modifier and without having studies, EP mult upgrades, Tree Upgrades, and Break Eternity. None

Besides the original game's 3 rows of secret achievements, there is 1 more row of secret achievements in NG+++.


Position ID Name Description

(After unlocked)

s41 ng3ps11 Blanked out Click on the news ticker that doesn't show anything. The news ticker will blanked out if the following news are shown:

Normal ticker:

I'm done writing news for today.

Ghostly ticker:

Ghosts don't know how to write more news. They decided to stop it for today.

s42 ng3ps12 Lie the news Click on the news ticker that you shouldn't do. Click this news:

Don't click this news

If you do so, you will receive a browser alert and an in-game message box, both saying "I told you so".

s43 ng3ps13 Two tickers Make 2 news tickers shown. Normal one and Ghostly one.
s44 ng3ps14 News for other species Unlock or show ghostly news ticker. To unlock it, become a ghost(if you haven't ever), and click this news:

If you are a ghost, try to click me!

s45 ng3ps15 Boo! You have a 1/1,000 chance of getting this achievement every time 'You became a ghost!' animation appears. You must have the ghostify animation on.

Do quick ghostifies if you want.

s46 ng3ps16 Up and Down and Up and Down... Press the "Continue to mastery studies." button and the "Lead back to time studies." button 100 times each. You need to click the two buttons in turn, for a total of 200 times.

Clicking them change your page but not your position, means that you need to scroll through the whole tree to reach that button.

Pageup and Pagedown button really helps.

s47 ng3ps17 Did you not understand the automation? Manually extract 20 runes in the row, all in 1 game tick for each rune. Manually Instantly extract 20 runes in a row.
s48 ng3ps18 The Ultimate Challenge Be in 20 unique challenges at the same time. Challenges you need:

PC4+6(Activates Auto Crunch challenge and IC2,3,6,7,8)

Any EC(since ECs don't activates other challenges)

IC1(Activates all normal challenge except Auto Tickspeed and Auto Crunch)

You can't go into a Normal challenge if you are in a Infinity challenge(They're both Infinity stuff)

After that, you have:

All NC except Auto Tickspeed (11)

IC 1,2,3,6,7,8 (6)

ECx depends on your choice (1)

QC4 and 6 (2)

For a total of 20.

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