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After you Ghostify, you unlock Automator Ghosts. You start with 1 Automator Power. As you gain more Automator Power, you unlock new Automator Ghosts. Each Automator Ghost requires power to run. The total amount of used power must never exceed your Automator Power or else everything won't active.

Automator Power is determined by your highest ever achieved Automator Charge. The formula for this is as follows:

$ {(\log_2 \frac{\log_{10} Quantum Worth}{150}) ~ + ~ max(\frac{\log_{10} Space Shards}{20} ~ - ~ 0.5},0) ~ = ~ Automator Charge $

Note: Your Quantum Worth is the sum of your unused quarks, your colored quarks and your gluons. (Does not include quarks spent on ToD)

Ghost Unlocks at: Power Consumption Details
Auto-Red Unstabilize Ghost 0 1 Unstabilizes if you have no red unstable quarks
Auto-Green Unstabilize Ghost 0 1 Unstabilizes if you have no green unstable quarks
Auto-Blue Unstabilize Ghost 0 1 Unstabilizes if you have no blue unstable quarks
Auto-Unstabilize Rotate Ghost 2 1 Rotates which of the three above ghosts is active.

Can select whether to rotate left or right and whether to do it every second or every quantum.

Auto-Branch Upgrade Ghost 4 2 Buys branch upgrades whenever possible
Auto-Tree Upgrade Ghost 4 2 Buys tree upgrades whenever possible
Auto-QK Multi Upgrade Ghost 4.5 0.5 Buys quark multiplier upgrades whenever possible
Auto-Food Ghost 5 0.5 Buys quantum food whenever possible
Auto-Worker Replicant Ghost 5 0.5 Feeds highest tier emperor dimensions whenever possible
Auto-Limit Upgrade Ghost 6 1 Upgrades the limit of emperor dimensions whenever possible
Auto-Preon Generate Ghost 6.5 0.5 Starts producing preon charge when you have x seconds worth of preon production and y seconds worth of preon loss, and stops when you have z seconds worth of preon charge production. Allows you to specify x, y, and z.

This ghost is currently bugged. Your preon charge production stops when you have z (instead of z*charge production as it should be) preon charge.

Auto-Radioactive Decay Ghost 7 0.5 Radioactive Decays whenever possible
Auto-Big Rip Ghost 7 0.5 Big Rips x seconds after you quantum and exit the big rip after y seconds. Allows you to specify x and y.
Auto-BE Multi Upgrade Ghost 7.5 0.5 Buys Break Eternity EP mult upgrade whenever possible
Auto-Ghostify Ghost 8 0.5 Ghostifies for x GHP. Allows you to specify x.
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