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Big Rip is unlocked when buying the relevant mastery study. You will need 1e98 time theorems and the "The Challenging Day" achievement. In Big Rips, everything except normal dimensions and post-quantum mechanics is disabled. You are also stuck in PC6+8. When you exit Big Rip, you gain Space Shards based on your best antimatter and dilated time while in Big Rip ((log10(AM+1)/2000)^1.5) * ((DT+1)^0.05). There are 19 upgrades you can buy that cost Space Shards and some of them disable others.

Description Cost Formula Details
Infinity Points boost Normal Dimensions, but all other upgrades except 2nd repeal it. 2 10^(IP*exp)

10^((IP*exp/3e8)^0.75*3e8) if log(IP) > 3e8

Reactive if have BR17,if haven't it,it will repeal if you have any BR3-16
Start with all ECs completed and 100,000 eternities. 3 N/A It will always active,even with BR11
Gain 5 Time Theorems. 5 N/A It will repeal if you have BR9
Replicanti multiply the gain of Infinity Points (at reduced rate) and replicate speed is 10x faster. 20 R^0.34 It will repeal if you have BR11
Gain 20 Time Theorems. 30 N/A It will repeal if you have BR9
Space Shards boost Eternity Points gain. 45 SS (This one's pretty simple.) It will repeal if you have BR9
You start with Time Study 192. 60 N/A It will repeal if you have BR9
Each replicated galaxy increases your EP gain by 2x. 150 2^G, capped at 1.8e308 without neutrino upgrade 11. Reactive if you have neutrino upgrade 11 9 ,if haven't it,It will repeal if you have BR9
Gain 1,350 Time Theorems but reset the study tree and repeal upgrades 3 and 5-8. 300 N/A It will repeal BR3 and 5-8
Start with dilation unlocked, but activates 9th Big Rip upgrade. 2e3 N/A It will active BR9,even if you haven't BR9
Start with tachyon particles but reset the study tree, all upgrades can boost dilation except your best TP, and repeal all others. 3e9 Out of the Big Rip upgrades that are repealed, only BR2 will still work, along with BR9 and BR10.

This upgrade will allow the achievement bonus of "No dilation means no production" to be applied in Big Rips, known as x^0.5 (x = best TP this ghostify)

It will repeal BR4
You keep your time studies, dilation upgrades, and mastery studies. 3e14 N/A
Replicanti boost TDs at greatly reduced rate. 1e17 R^0.000001 (1e-6)
TS101 is stronger based on your Space Shards but doesn't work on dilation. 3e18 (log(SS/3e15+1) * min(log(SS/3e18+1,0.4)+1)^0.5 After e1e9 replicanti bonus to ND, the exponent become (exponent*3e4)^(2/3)
Eternity Points start Distant Antimatter Galaxies scaling later. 3e20 log(EP+1)^0.5*3.55
Dilated time boosts Seventh Time Dimension. 5e22 (DT/1e100)^0.155
Make the first upgrade active again but 2.9x stronger. 1e33 Reactivates BR1, and multiplies the output of the formula of BR1 by 2.9x. It will active BR1
Space Shards boost quark spin productions. 1e145 (log(SS/1e140+1)+1) ^ max(log(SS/1e140+1)/10, 1) After Ghostly Photons
Time Shards speed up Branches. 1e150 10^((log(TS))^0.5/80) After Ghostly Photons
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