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E581927j E581927j 16 September 2020

look at this

sorry it is closed

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E581927j E581927j 5 August 2020

Next Progress Updates on this blog

I will be posting more progress updates on this blog:

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E581927j E581927j 29 July 2020


Progress Update!

July 29th 2020

EP: e15824, can gain e16394

AM: e1,296,000,000

IP: e6560939

Achievements: Rows 1-13

RGs: 687+42

Replicanti: e42000+

Eternities: 3300000

BInfs: 3e14

Infinity Power: e8888888+

Time Shards: e43807

Time Theorems: 3e22

Tachyon Particles: 1.89e23

Dilated Time: 1.76e36

Progress till next mechanic(Meta Dimensions): 99% (3e22 TT, ~2e23 TP, ~2e36 DT)

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E581927j E581927j 26 July 2020

NG+++ Begins!

I have now reached e4000 EP and imported my save in NG+++!

I will now start to post progress updates regularly unless my PC is broken(CPU temperatures can rise to 105 celcius)

EP: e4045

DT: 7e17

......(Dilate Time)

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E581927j E581927j 25 July 2020

Start of the NG+++ Section of the Grand Run


I will start updating the progress of NG+++ in my blog, starting now. 


Date: 25 July 2020

Eternity Points : 1e3890

Dilated time: 3e17

Time Theorems : 4.8e9

More Info:

I am VERY close to e4000 EP and, I will export my save to NG+++ when I reach that. After I start playing NG+++, I will start posting progress updates on NG+++. Bye!

~Mechanic: Time Dilation ~

Tachyon Particles: 5.41e8

Dilated time: 3e17

Rebuyable Upgrades Costs: 1e18, 1e18, 5.1e18, (NaN)(I am currently in main game)

Non-Rebuyable Upgrades: All

Passive TT: 4.8e9


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Alohaaasd Alohaaasd 1 August 2019

A glitch

In Normal AD NG+++ I got to the 30s speedrun and the i somehow got Infinite quarks and everything broke i was not even in the NG^+++ and now i cant go back

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Katakana133 Katakana133 16 March 2019

Bug - Infinite dilated time upon dilation.


I was on the game mode NG^+- along with NG+3 and I just unlocked dilation. As soon as I dilated time, my dilated time went straight to "Infinite", despite my not having any tachyon particles whatsoever and having broken infinity. I checked the variable and it just said NaN. I resetted and tried it again, same thing happened. Tried on different browsers, SAME THING HAPPENED. Reloading the page while dilated didn't help, even resetting the computer itself didn't help. I am on Mac OSX, please help me!!

An additional thing: If I disable dilation and enable it again, EP, IP, and antimatter all become "Infinite" as well. It is impossible to big crunch there.

EDIT: Apparently I didn't eternity enough. I don't know why the bug only h…

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ItMarki ItMarki 21 February 2019

Changelog of NG+++

[Sorry for being 5 months late but here it is.]

[9/14/2020: omg i forgot about this for a year and half, i just have a lot of stuff]

Part of this changelog will be from the official changelog of NG+++, most of it is from the NG+++ server.

All changelog content is copied (mostly) verbatim.

For the rest of the page, the dates use the format of MM/DD/YYYY.

  • 1 Changelog
    • 1.1 5/31/2018
    • 1.2 6/6/2018
    • 1.3 6/8/2018
    • 1.4 6/10/2018
    • 1.5 7/21/2018
    • 1.6 7/24/2018
    • 1.7 7/25/2018
    • 1.8 7/26/2018
    • 1.9 7/27/2018
    • 1.10 7/28/2018
    • 1.11 7/29/2018
    • 1.12 7/30/2018
    • 1.13 7/31/2018
    • 1.14 8/6/2018
    • 1.15 8/12/2018
    • 1.16 8/13/2018
    • 1.17 9/1/2018
    • 1.18 9/3/2018
    • 1.19 9/4/2018
    • 1.20 9/5/2018
    • 1.21 9/6/2018
  • 2 Replicants
    • 2.1 9/15/2018
    • 2.2 9/21/2018
    • 2.3 9/24/2018
    • 2.4 10/7/2018
    • 2.5 10/8/2018
    • 2.6 10/19/2018
    • 2.7 10/20/2018
    • 2.8 11/5/2018
    • 2.9 11/12/2018
    • 2.10 11/14/…

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SuperSpruce SuperSpruce 24 November 2018

Videos on NG+++

I have a YouTube series on Antimatter Dimensions NG+++. Episode 1 of my series was the first NG+++ video. In case anyone was wondering if there were videos about NG+++. There are currently 36 episodes, but more are coming.

Episode counter

Uploaded: 36

Edited: 37.3

Recorded: 38


Episode 1: Pre-Infinity

Episode 2: Beginning of Infinity epoch

Episode 3: Faster Infinity epoch

Episode 4: Challenges

Episode 5: Breaking Infinity

Episode 6: Infinity Dimensions

Episode 7: Fast IP growth (galaxy upgrade)

Episode 8: Replicantis, Infinity Challenges

Episode 9: Beginning of Eternity

Episode 10: Eternity Milestones

Episode 11: Up to Time Study 181

Episode 12: 1e60 EP to 1e400 EP

Episode 13: Up to 1e1200 EP


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ItMarki ItMarki 8 November 2018

Fan ideas

Put your NG+++ ideas here!

  • Do not post joke ideas.
  • Do not post duplicate ideas.
  • The developer has rights to judge the ideas.
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