• Alohaaasd

    A glitch

    August 1, 2019 by Alohaaasd

    In Normal AD NG+++ I got to the 30s speedrun and the i somehow got Infinite quarks and everything broke i was not even in the NG^+++ and now i cant go back

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  • Katakana133


    I was on the game mode NG^+- along with NG+3 and I just unlocked dilation. As soon as I dilated time, my dilated time went straight to "Infinite", despite my not having any tachyon particles whatsoever and having broken infinity. I checked the variable and it just said NaN. I resetted and tried it again, same thing happened. Tried on different browsers, SAME THING HAPPENED. Reloading the page while dilated didn't help, even resetting the computer itself didn't help. I am on Mac OSX, please help me!!

    An additional thing: If I disable dilation and enable it again, EP, IP, and antimatter all become "Infinite" as well. It is impossible to big crunch there.

    EDIT: Apparently I didn't eternity enough. I don't know why the bug only h…

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  • ItMarki

    Changelog of NG+++

    February 21, 2019 by ItMarki

    [Sorry for being 5 months late but here it is.]

    Part of this changelog will be from the official changelog of NG+++.

    Added Aarex's modification

    Changed a lot of things to have faster performance.
    In Automated Dimensional Boosts challenge, "Antimatter Galaxies" now includes replicated galaxies and "Distant Antimatter Galaxies".
    Dimension cost multiplier increase and tickspeed cost multiplier increase display multiplier as an integer if the multiplier is an integer.
    Extended Standard even more to includes attillion (= e(3e18+3)) and beyond.
    Added two notations, Greek and Game Percentages.
    Removed some links in the footer.
    Added Eternity Challenges in "How to play" page.
    Fixed scientific always display '1eX' instead of '1.00eX'.
    Fixed dimensions and tic…

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  • SuperSpruce

    Videos on NG+++

    November 24, 2018 by SuperSpruce

    I have a YouTube series on Antimatter Dimensions NG+++. Episode 1 of my series was the first NG+++ video. In case anyone was wondering if there were videos about NG+++. There are currently 36 episodes, but more are coming.

    Episode counter

    Uploaded: 36

    Edited: 37.3

    Recorded: 38


    Episode 1: Pre-Infinity

    Episode 2: Beginning of Infinity epoch

    Episode 3: Faster Infinity epoch

    Episode 4: Challenges

    Episode 5: Breaking Infinity

    Episode 6: Infinity Dimensions

    Episode 7: Fast IP growth (galaxy upgrade)

    Episode 8: Replicantis, Infinity Challenges

    Episode 9: Beginning of Eternity

    Episode 10: Eternity Milestones

    Episode 11: Up to Time Study 181

    Episode 12: 1e60 EP to 1e400 EP

    Episode 13: Up to 1e1200 EP


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  • ItMarki

    Fan ideas

    November 8, 2018 by ItMarki

    Put your NG+++ ideas here!

    • Do not post joke ideas.
    • Do not post duplicate ideas.
    • The developer has rights to judge the ideas.
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