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When you reach 1e10,000,000,000 ghostly unstable quarks on any branch, you will unlock Bosonic Lab. There are currently 5 Bosonic sub-mechanics.

Bosonic Runes

In Bosonic Lab, you need to extract runes to buy enchants and upgrades.

There are currently 3 types of runes, 6 more coming soon.

Runes Extract Time
Infinity 60 seconds
Eternity 120 seconds
Quantum 600 seconds

Bosonic Enchant

You can spend runes to buy and upgrade enchants.

You can only activate 2 enchants at a time.

Enchant ID Effect Formula Cost 1 Cost 2
12 You automatically extract Bosonic Runes $ \frac{LabSpeed*Level^{0.75}}{1.5*ExtractTimeInMinutes} $

(This is how often it triggers extracting.)

3 Infinity Bosonic Rune 1 Eternity Bosonic Rune
13 Speed up the production and use of anti-preon $ \sqrt{Level+1} $(This speed up W&Z Bosons progress) 20 Infinity Bosonic Rune 2 Quantum Bosonic Rune
23 Bosonic Antimatter boosts oscillate speed Let exp=$ \frac{log_{10}Level+1}{3}*max(\frac{log_{10}BA-1}{10},1) $

If exp>5, exp=$ \sqrt{exp*5} $

Effect=$ log_{10}^{exp}(BA+10) $

1e4 Eternity Bosonic Rune 2e3 Quantum Bosonic Rune

Bosonic Speed & Overdrive

Your Bosonic Speed is how fast your Bosonic Lab runs.

To increase Bosonic Speed, you need Watt. Your current Watt depends on your highest AM in this ghostify.

The formula is (logAM)/2e16-1.25.

If your Watt is higher than your speed, your speed will instantly increase to your watt amount. Otherwise your speed will slowly drop until it reaches your watt amount.

You can gain Bosonic Battery when you decay W Quark. You gain 1 Battery per 1e6 W Quark Decay (or 5e5 W+ and W- gain each).

Bosonic Battery can be consumed to overdrive your lab, increasing your Bosonic speed up to 5x compounding bonus.

Overdrive Speed to Bosonic Battery cost: 10^(speed*2-3).

Bosonic Upgrades

To buy Bosonic Upgrades, you need to get enough Bosonic Antimatter and Runes and to produce bosonic antimattter, you need a total of at least 100 W+ and W- bosons.

Base Bosonic Antimatter production: 10^(logAM/1.5e16-3).

Upgrade ID Effect Formula/Details Cost(Bosonic Antimatter) Require(Bosonic Rune)
11 Bosonic Antimatter adds blue Light effect Let L=$ log_{10}(BA+1) $

Effect=$ 0.25L^{(0.5-\frac{0.25L}{L+3})} $

200 200 Infinity & 100 Eternity
12 Every 100% of green power effect, decrease free galaxy threshold increase by 0.0007 -$ GreenPower*0.0007 $ 4.00e5 3.00e3 Eternity & 800 Quantum
13 Radioactive Decays boost Light Empowerments x$ \frac{\sqrt{TotalRadDecays}}{3}+0.6 $ 3.00e6 1.00e4 Infinity & 1.00e3 Quantum
14 Sacrificed galaxies cancel less galaxies based on your free galaxies Let effect=$ \sqrt{FreeGalaxy/20-1800} $, y=$ max(Galaxy, SacrificedGalaxy) $

If effect>y, effect=$ ((effect-y+1e5)*1e10)^{1/3}+y-1e5 $

(It doesn't stack with non-sacrificed galaxies, means that your normal galaxy amount becomes this value if it's smaller than this value.)

2.00e8 2.00e5 Infinity & 1.00e5 Eternity
15 Ghostifies and dilated time boost each other Let gL=$ log_{10}Ghostifies $

DT boost: $ 10^{2*gL+\frac{3*gL}{gL/20+1}} $

Ghostifies boost: $ (DT/1e1520)^{0.05} $

1.00e9 2.50e5 Eternity & 3.50e4 Quantum
21 Replace first Nanofield reward with a new powerful boost Hatch speed is ()x faster. -> Dimension Supersonic starts () later. 8.00e10 5.00e6 Infinity & 2.50e6 Eternity
22 Replace seventh Nanofield reward with a new powerful boost Remote galaxy cost scaling starts () later. -> You gain ()x more neutrinos. 5.00e11 4.00e6 Eternity & 7.50e5 Quantum
23 Assigning gives more colored quarks based on your meta-antimatter x$ (MA+1)^{0.06} $ 1.00e13 1.50e7 Infinity & 1.50e4 Quantum
24 You produce Space Shard without having to Big Rip, but Break Eternity upgrade are nerfed EP boost to Break Eternity upgrade 3&6(which boosts SS gain) is 2e6x lower. 1.00e15 8.00e7 Infinity & 4.00e7 Eternity
25 Electrons boost per-ten Meta Dimensions multiplier ^$ 1+\frac{\sqrt{electron}}{8000} $ 1.50e17 7.50e7 Eternity & 1.50e7 Quantum

W & Z Bosons

In W & Z Bosons, you can gain anti-preons and spend them to get W and Z bosons.

Base anti-preon gain: +0.1/s

Base anti-preon loss: -0.05/s

The base progress speed is 60s (or 3 anti-preon use).

Decay W quark

You can decay W quark (either up quark or down quark) for W bosons.

Decay a W up quark will turn it to a W down quark and gives W+.

Decay a W down quark will turn it to a W up quark and gives W-.

W bosons gives bonus to extracting, oscillating and Bosonic Antimatter production. Formula: ([W+] means W+ amount, the same for [W-] and [Z])

Let exp=$ log_{10}([W+]+1)*\frac{[W+]-[W-]}{[W+]} $

Extracting bonus: x$ 3^{exp} $

Oscillating bonus: x$ 10^{exp} $

BA production: x$ (\frac{[W+]+[W-]}{100})^{1/3}-1 $

Convert W- to W+

You can convert W- to W+ to reduce W- effect.

Oscillate Z neutrino

You can oscillate Z neutrino(electron, mu or tau) for Z boson.

Z bosons gives bonus to W decay and conversion speed. Formula: x$ \sqrt{0.1[Z]+1} $

If boost>1e4: boost=$ \sqrt{boost*1e4} $

Note: The Oscillating is different from normal generating, means that it will exponentially become slower but gives more Z per oscillating.

Each time you successfully oscillate, the oscillating requirement(normally 1) will be 2x higher but slowly drops down until it reaches 1. This means that your oscillating speed will be 2x slower per oscillating. You gain Z Bosons equals to Requirement^0.75 before the requirement changes. (If your oscillating speed is really fast, the first tick will make it to 1 oscillate/tick by rising the requirement really high, but who cares as this is complex and takes only one tick)

Higgs Bosons

(These will be coming in v2.3 update)

when you have 1.00e19 (or more since we can get well beyond e60+) bosonic antimatter, you can prestige bosonic lab and gain 1 higgs, but will reset bosonic upgrade, bosonic antimatter, bosonic rune, etc, include light empowerment reset. (from v2.3 beta test version) You Can See More Information Here

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