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Break Eternity is a mechanic in NG+3 that unlocks when you reach e1215 EP while big ripped. Breaking eternity remove the restriction of being unable to buy normal galaxies and time dimensions while big ripped, but normal galaxies are 50 times more expensive and all TD boosts are disabled except TS11 and the reward from the "Infinite Time" achievement (from normal AD). When you eternity while eternity is broken in a big rip, you can gain eternal matter based on your time shards.

Formula: 10(log(time shard)-9)/4

after 1e15 EM or 1e69 TS: 10sqrt(3.75*(log(time shard)-9))

You can spend this eternal matter to buy the following upgrades:

Description Cost (EM) Formula
Boost first 4 Time Dimensions based on your Eternity Points and Eternal Matter. 1 10^$ (\sqrt[3]{log_{10}\frac{EP}{1e1280}}*0.5+\sqrt[3]{log_{10}(EM*10)}) $
Divide the normal galaxy cost based on your Eternity Points.(^2 effect if not in EC10) 1000 $ log_{10}log_{10}\frac{EP}{1e1290}*1.6+1 $
You gain more Space Shards based on your Eternity Points. 2e6 10^$ (\sqrt[3]{log_{10}\frac{EP}{1e1370}}*0.5) $
Boost Time Dimensions 4-6 based on your Eternity Points and Space Shards. 2e11 10^$ (\sqrt[3]{log_{10}\frac{EP}{1e1860}}+\sqrt[3]{log_{10}\frac{SS}{7e19}}*8) $
Boost tickspeed reduction based on your Eternity Points and Time Shards. 8e17 10000^$ (\sqrt[3]{log_{10}\frac{EP}{1e2230}}+\sqrt[3]{log_{10}\frac{TS}{1e90}}) $
You gain more Space Shards based on your Eternity Points and Eternal Matter. 1e48 10^$ (\sqrt[3]{log_{10}\frac{EP}{1e4900}}/1.7+\sqrt[3]{log_{10}\frac{EM}{1e45}}*2) $
Infinite Time reward is stronger in non-Dilation runs based on your Tachyon Particles. 1e290 $ (log_{10}((log_{10}\frac{TP}{1e200})/100+1))*3+1 $
Divide normal galaxy cost in Eternity Challenge 10 based on your Eternal Matter. 1e350 $ (\frac{EM}{1e335})^{\frac{log_{10}{4}}{20}} $
Eternity Points multiply normal galaxy amount in "Intergalactic" in Dilation runs. 1e375 $ log_{10}log_{10}EP-1 $
You gain 1e9x more Eternity Points. (Repeatable) 1e6 (x2 per purchase) $ 10^{9*bought} $
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