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Electrons.(v2.0 update)

Electrons are an important feature in NG+++. You unlock electrons by purchasing the first new dilation study under mastery studies that costs 2e82 time theorems. Electrons provide a boost to your multiplier per 10 dimensions bought, raise the multiplier to the power of (electron+1). But in order to use them, you have to sacrifice your regular galaxies. The number of electrons you get is equal to the number of galaxies you sacrificed times the number of electrons per galaxy you currently have. This number starts at 2 electrons per galaxy, and can be upgraded using either time theorems, dilated time, meta-antimatter, or meta-dimension boosts. Each upgrade increases the electrons per galaxy by 0.25. The electrons per galaxy also increases by 0.25 for each quantum challenge completed, 0.5 per paired challenge and multi by 3 with 5th neutrino upgrade

The electron boost softcap starts at 149,840+37,460(187,300) electrons(which can be improved later, making it (149840+boost)+37460). Instead of (electron+1), the boost will become ((electron*37460)0.5+149840+1).

Table of electron upgrades

Below is a table showing the costs of electron upgrades.

Note: The table only shows first 10, but all upgrades can be bought infinitely.(However, it's difficult to buy 10 of one upgrade except the MA one)

General formula:

The base value for an upgrade is: (TT:82, DT:153, MA:638, MDB: 26).

The final value is base_value*(bought*max(bought-1,1)+1)exp, while exp=1 for TT upgrade and 2 for others.

The cost is final_value for MDB upgrade and 10final for others.

Resource Time Theorems Dilated Time Meta-Antimatter Meta-Dimension Boost
Upgrade Level
1 1e83 1e154 1e639 27
2 1e84 1e157 1e642 30
3 1e85 1e162 1e647 35
4 1e89 1e202 1e687 75
5 1e95 1e322 1e807 195
6 1e103 1e594 1e1079 467
7 1e113 1e1114 1e1599 987
8 1e125 1e2002 1e2487 1875
9 1e139 1e3402 1e3887 3275
10 1e155 1e5482 1e5967 5355