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All of the Emperor Dimensions.

Emperor Dimensions are the 5th type of dimension in NG+++. To unlock Emperor Dimensions, you must have 10 worker replicants and buy the Mastery Study "Unlock Emperor Dimensions" for 3e90 Time Theorems.

After unlocking Emperor Dimensions, you can further increase your worker cap. If the cap reaches 10, the next purchase will make it become 1 of the next tier (e.g. 10 ED2->1 ED3) and remove the cap for the previous tier as well. If the cap is not 10, the upgrade just increase by 1. If you are at ED8, since you can't get 9th dimension, you can only increase the cap but not tier up. However, every 10th ED8 bought doesn't increase the cost.

The Emperor Dimension feeding rule is similar to the Replicants feeding rule. When you're feeding ED2 or above, you must have more EDx-1 than EDx. Also, you should also have more than 10 EDx-1. However, if you are not feeding your highest tier ED, the quantum food cost will be divided by 5(so you can get the lost food back).

Each EDx will auto feed EDx-1 following the rule. This means that each EDx will only work if you have more EDx-2 than EDx-1, and it produces EDx-1 and consumes EDx-2. This is annoying due to the fact that at the start, all of the EDs are tangled together, and have almost the same amount, and will continue to do so, which makes them increase very slowly, and you have to wait a long time until they stabilize, first higher EDs and then lower ones. This problem is worse the more powerful your EDs are, because you quickly use up your normal replicants. You CAN fix this issue by hacking your normal replicants, to say, 1e20, which would immediately solve everything (After a certain amount of normal replicants they start increasing faster than decreasing) but it is not recommended.

The base feed rate is 0.05/s. With a certain late-game upgrade, workers no longer consume others so they work like other dimensions.

All EDs produce preons. The 1st EDs produce 20 preons per second. Each ED produces 4 times more preons than the previous one.