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This article contains no information from the future update, New Game Plus 3 Respecced. You can help it by editing.

EC13 and EC14.

Besides the 12 Eternity Challenges in Antimatter Dimensions (for which see here), there are 2 new Eternity Challenges in NG+++. They are unlocked in Mastery Studies.

Challenge # Base cost (in Time Theorems) Requirements Effect Goal Rewards
13 1e72 Get 728,000+6,000x dimension boosts Dimension boost multipliers of Normal Dimensions and Infinity Dimensions are disabled. 1e(38,000,000+1,200,000x) IP Increase the power of meta-antimatter. (9+0.2x)
14 1e72 Get (25,500,000+900,000x)% replicate chance All IC3 rules are applied, but only replicanti boosts Infinity Dimensions, free tickspeed upgrades increases IC3 reward 5 times instead, and meta-antimatter does nothing. 1e(1,595,000+250,000x) IP Free tickspeed upgrades increases IC3 reward 2x times.

EC14 is also required for going Quantum.