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This article contains no information from the future update, New Game Plus 3 Respecced. You can help it by editing.

The 4 new Eternity Milestones.

Eternity milestones are rewards that require you to have a certain number of eternities to unlock. They are generally quality of life additions that help you automate certain parts of the game. In NG+++, there are 4 new eternity milestones, which are unlocked when you boost your 8th meta dimension for the first time.

Requirement Reward
1 B eternities When you dimension boost, you keep your antimatter and dimensions
20 B eternities Start eternities with 100% of replicated change and 1 ms replicanti interval
400 B eternities Unlock replicanti amount mode for eternity autobuyer
10 T eternities Unlock time since peak changed mode for eternity autobuyer