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What the screen looks like if you became a ghost.

Ghostify is the 4th[1] layer of prestige in NG+++. It can be unlocked by getting the AM goal while big ripped (see Big Rip) It resets everything pre-Ghostify (except achievements), but it gives Ghost Particles (GHP), which can be used for boosts.

GHP gain formula:

let x = (log(best antimatter this quantum in big rip)/164,092,500-1)*2

Gain: 10^x

Table of GhP gain for pre-16:

Approximate Value of AM for Certain GHP Gain
AM GhP Gain AM GhP Gain AM GhP Gain
1.00e164,092,500 1 1.00e246,138,750 10 1e10
1.91e188,790,882 2 1.00e328,185,000 100 1e20
5.56e203,238,509 3 1.00e410,231,250 1e3 1e30
3.66e213,489,264 4 1.00e492,277,500 1e4 1e40
5.23e221,440,367 5 1.00e574,323,750 1e5 1e50
1.06e227,936,892 6 1.00e656,370,000 1e6 1e60
1.16e233,429,625 7 1.00e738,416,250 1e7 1e70
7.00e238,187,646 8 1.00e820,462,500 1e8 1e80
3.09e242,384,519 9 1.00e902,508,750 1e9 1e90

Brave Milestones

Brave Milestones are achieved by Quantuming no more than a certain number of times in one Ghostify. There are 16 of them, ranging from 200x quantumed to 1x quantumed.

Max. number of times quantumed Reward
200x Start Ghostifies with all Speedrun Milestones, all 1.80e308 quark features unlocked, all Paired Challenges completed, all Big Rip upgrades bought, Nanofield is 2x faster until you reach 16 rewards, and you gain quarks based on your best MA this quantum.
175x Colored quarks do not cancel, you keep your gluon upgrades, you can quick Big Rip, and completing an Eternity Challenge doesn't reset your Time Studies.
150x You keep your Electron upgrades.
100x Quantuming doesn't reset your Tachyon Particles unless you are in a QC, unstabilizing quarks doesn't take away colored quarks, and you start with 5 of the 1st upgrades of each branch.
50x Quantuming doesn't reset your Meta-Dimension Boosts unless you are in a QC or are going to undo Big Rip.
40x Quantuming doesn't reset your normal replicants unless you are in a QC or are going to undo Big Rip.
30x Start Ghostifies with 10 worker replicants and Ghostifying doesn't reset Neutrinos.
25x You gain ^0.5 quarks, ^0.5 gluons, and 1% of Space Shards that you will gain on quantum per second.
20x Start Ghostifies with 10 2nd Emperor Dimensions
15x Start Ghostifies with 10 4th Emperor Dimensions
10x Start Ghostifies with 10 6th Emperor Dimensions
5x Start Ghostifies with 10 8th Emperor Dimensions
4x Start Ghostifies with 16 Nanofield rewards
3x Start Ghostifies with 1e25 Quark Spins and branches are 10x faster
2x Start Ghostifies with Break Eternity unlocked, gain 1% of Eternal Matter you will gain on Eternity per second, and keep your Break Eternity upgrades.
1x You gain 1% of the quarks you will gain on quantum per second and keep your tachyon particles on Quantum and Ghostify if you didn't Big Rip.

  1. Excluding Dimension Boost and Galaxy. Including those, it would be the 6th.