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Ghostly Photons is a Ghostify mechanic that can be unlocked by reaching e6,025,000,000 antimatter while big ripped. Upon unlock, it grants access to 3 new Big Rip upgrades, 3 new Break Eternity upgrades, and 3 new Neutrino upgrades.

The core of the Ghostly Photons mechanic is based around 3 currencies: ghostly photons, dark matter, and ghostly rays. Ghostly photons and dark matter are both generated based on the amount of dilated time you have, with ghostly photons being generated during big rips and dark matter being generated outside of big rips. Ghostly rays are produced by ghostly photons, but cannot increase beyond a cap based on dark matter.

Ghostly ray production: (photons^0.5) / 2

Ghostly ray cap: (dark matter^0.4) * 1000

Also unlocked are 8 additional currencies known as Light, each one having its own color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, and Ultraviolet. Each light boosts the strength of the light before it and provides an additional bonus, with the exception of Ultraviolet Light, which does not give a bonus but instead is required to gain Light Empowerments. Upon reaching a certain threshold of ghostly rays, you will gain a light of that color, and the threshold for that light will increase. The effects of each color are as follows:

Color Effect Requirement Increment
Red Boosts tachyon particle boost to dilated time by ^x and multiplies the galaxy amount for "Intergalactic" when outside of big rips by y if you have 3 light empowerments. 12,800 x2
Orange Reduces preon power threshold increase to the nth root. 160,000 x4
Yellow Makes the electron softcap start n later. 480,000 x1.5
Green Boosts preon boost to green power by x% and adds y to the galaxy amount for time study 431 for every 1% of green power effect if you have 1 light empowerment. 1,600,000 x10
Blue Reduces the blue power effect softcap strength to x% and slows down Ghostly Galaxies scaling in big rips by y% if you have 2 light empowerments. 6,000,000 x4
Indigo Multiplies Neutrino gain by n. 50,000,000 x1000
Violet Boosts sixth time dimension in big rips based on your tickspeed multiplier. 240,000,000 x2.5
Ultraviolet Allows you to gain Light Empowerment. 1,250,000,000 x3

Note that the formulas below for percentages should be multiplied by 100 to get the percent.

Color Formula
Red x = (L^(0.25))*0.15+1

log(n*20/3)*1.5 if x > 1.5

Orange n = L + 1

L^0.5+6 if L > 8

log(L/64)+14 if L > 64

Yellow n = L^0.5 * 4.5e4

((L*20)^0.5)^0.5 * 4.5e4 if L > 20

((log(L/6))/3*34.64)^0.5 * 4.5e4 if L > 60

Green x = (L*1.5)^0.5+1

log(L/8)+4.464 if L > 8

Blue x = log((L*2)^0.5+1)*5/4
Indigo n = 10^(L*10)
Violet n = 10^((log(galaxies*0.005)*L)^0.33*2)
Green Bonus y = log(L+1)*3
Blue Bonus y = log(L*10+1)/4+1
Red Bonus y = (L+1)^0.1*2+1

After getting ultraviolet light, you can gain Light Empowerment. Upon doing so, you will immediately ghostify and all of your light will be reset to 0 in exchange for a permanent +1 to the power of all previous color boost effects. Each purchase of a Light Empowerment will increase the cost of the next empowerment by roughly 2.4. The exact formula is floor(2.4x+1), where x is the total empowerments so far.

As of update 2.2, the endgame is considered to be when you have gained 10 light empowerments.

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