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== 9.32e446 MA: Quantum ==
== 9.32e446 MA: Quantum ==
Once you have at least 9.32e446 meta-antimatter and 1 EC14 completion, go quantum ('''you will only get 1 quark on first quantum, so don't waste time on grinding more meta-antimatter'''). You will lose everything you would have lost on eternity, as well as eternity milestones, challenges and upgrades, TDs, MDs, DT, TP, and dilated upgrades. However, you will gain a quark and get sub atomic achievement, these will gain 20x more eternitied stat in under 100,000 and Unlock don't respec studies and auto-reunlock ECs' option, and you will see the quantum tab (unlocked from going quantum). Go to the quarks tab. For the first quark, it is recommended to put it in red, as it boosts the early game, and will boost galaxies for the rest of the quantum forever. Quarks and color power will persist on going quantum. The gluons tab won’t be useful for a few more runs (you will need more quarks to get gluons), but there are upgrades that will help you along the early quantum stages (and more upgrades will unlock as you go past certain features). Also, check the achievements tab - there’s a new “quantum speedruns” tab, which is to quantum what eternity milestones are to eternities - as your quantums get faster, you unlock various Quality of Life features. You can’t do them right away, but after a few quantums, some speedruns will be possible.
Once you have at least 9.32e446 meta-antimatter and 1 EC14 completion, go quantum ('''you will only get 1 quark on first quantum, so don't waste time on grinding more meta-antimatter'''). You will lose everything you would have lost on eternity, as well as eternity milestones, challenges and upgrades, TDs, MDs, DT, TP, and dilated upgrades. However, you will gain a quark and get sub atomic achievement, these will gain 20x more eternitied stat in under 100,000 and Unlock don't respec studies and auto-reunlock ECs' option, and you will see the quantum tab (unlocked from going quantum). Go to the quarks tab. For the first quark, it is recommended to put it in red, as it boosts the early game, and will boost galaxies for the rest of the quantum forever. Quarks and color power will persist on going quantum. The gluons tab won’t be useful for a few more runs (you will need more quarks to get gluons), but there are upgrades that will help you along the early quantum stages (and more upgrades will unlock as you go past certain features). Also, check the achievements tab - there’s a new “quantum speedruns” tab, which is to quantum what eternity milestones are to eternities - as your quantums get faster, you unlock various Quality of Life features. You can’t do them right away, but after a few quantums, some speedruns will be possible.
Continue on with your second quantum as you had before. Remember to fix the autobuyers, as the autobuyer buttons have not updated, and you will have to click on the buttons several times to fix them as they have been disabled. You don't have to fully complete all the Eternity Challenges, as EC3, EC5 to EC8, and EC11 and EC12 are the only eternity challenges that you should complete with 5 completions. Everything else (time dilation to mastery studies) will go as usual, only faster than usual, but you will take a few days to reach enough meta antimatter for quantum.
Continue on with your second quantum as you had before. Remember to fix the autobuyers, as the autobuyer buttons have not updated, and you will have to click on the buttons several times to fix them as they have been disabled. You don't have to fully complete all the Eternity Challenges, as EC3, EC5 to EC8, and EC11 and EC12 are the only eternity challenges that you should complete with 5 completions. Everything else (time dilation to mastery studies) will go as usual, only faster than usual, but you will take a few days to reach enough meta antimatter for quantum.
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== ? Higgs: Graviton ==
== ? Higgs: Graviton ==
== ? Gravity Wells: X17 ==
== Spooky Challenges ==
== Replicaghosts ==
== Spooky Dimensions ==
== Ghosts' Fate ==
== Hadronize ==
== Stellar ==
== Etheral ==
== Universal ==
== Fractalize ==
== Omniversal ==
== Abstraction ==
== Beyond ==
== ee308 Antimatter: Singularity ==

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More about NG+++:
General Info: Achievements
Post-Eternity: Eternity MilestonesEternity ChallengesTime Dilation
Pre-Quantum: Meta DimensionsMastery Studies
Pre-Ghostify: QuantumElectronsQuantum ChallengesReplicantsEmperor DimensionsNanofieldTree of DecayBig RipBreak Eternity
Post-Ghostify: GhostifyNeutrinosAutomator GhostsGhostly PhotonsBosonic Lab
Misc: Guide
UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Everything past the "Paired Challenges" section currently needs more improvement, and will be worked on as I go through the Grand Run. This will be updated eventually to fix the sections that need improvement. - usavictor

NG+++ save bank(here is everyone's save, you can export, use pastebin to paste, than copy link to save bank on your session)


This is a guide for Aarex’s NG+++ modification of Antimatter Dimensions. The game can be found at .

To play in NG+++ mode, there are two options available. If you have beaten regular Antimatter Dimensions (which you should if you haven’t) you can import your save from regular AD (if it has not been used in the reality update, which will come soon).

Alternatively, just go to options, select load, hit the NG++ button twice, and press “new save” (NG+ will be automatically selected). This will start at the very beginning of NG+++. You will have to play through a (much-sped-up) version of regular AD first. This guide will not cover this phase; most of the strategies of normal AD still apply (except for Eternity Challenges, as NG+++ will have most Eternity Challenges completed (NG+ v2 was released on 7/30/2019 with many other QoL changes (e.g. achievements have been given, an extra 1 million banked infinities, etc.), but the rest of the ECs will not have to be completed. When you reach 1e1300 EP is when it reaches the regular rate of progression as in NG). Because NG+ v2 has been changed, you should get the unfinished Eternity Challenges done.

This guide will start at the endgame at dilation (June 2018 update). With that out of the way, let’s begin!

1e19-1e39 DT: The Starting Grind

Okay, if you have a normal endgame save, you should have at least e4000 EP and 1e18-1e19 DT. At first, you may wonder what’s changed. There are some changes in other tabs (look at the bottom of the study tree and the milestones tab if you want), but the most important change is under dilation.

There are 3 new dilation upgrades to get. The first one gives more TP, (and is a repeatable upgrade) which increases the multiplier of the exponent of TP gain. Specifically, the TP gain formula usually involves an exponent of 1.5; this goes up by 0.25 with each purchase of the upgrade. You may have enough to buy the upgrade 3 times. After doing this, you should do another dilated run to get more TP, as formula upgrades will increase TP tremendously. It is recommended to buy formula or 3x TP upgrades, and then buy 2x DT production upgrade, and the galaxy threshold multiplier decrease last (you don't want to waste any DT you may need for other upgrades).

The other two upgrades cost 1e20 and 1e25 DT respectively. 1e20 DT boosts replicanti growth while the 1e25 DT upgrade gives you more eternitied stat based on dilated time, and dilated time being boosted by eternities. You probably can’t afford these right now, but you will be able to soon. Getting these upgrades are important:

Buying "Replicanti increases faster based on dilated time" for 1e20 DT will significantly decrease the interval as you get more DT. Once you buy this, TS225 is now more powerful, as you will get more replicanti over time, and thus you will get more extra replicanti galaxies than with TS226, so you should replace 226 with 225 immediately after. This will help boost EP production, as well as TP production.(you should have over 400 normal replicated galaxies,after 400,increase will become very fast)

When you get the 1e25 DT upgrade "Eternities and dilated time power up each other", grinding for eternities will be viable again, as well as a synergy with gaining eternities and dilated time. The more of each resource, the more you will get from it. You don't have to grind for eternities right now, but it will be necessary for getting the achievement "The cap is a million, not a trillion", which will improve Eternity Upgrade 2's formula (you can get this later on, as you only get a couple hundred eternities per eternity, which can be improved as you get more DT).

From here, it really shouldn’t require much work. Alternate long runs for higher EP (while getting DT for upgrades) and dilated runs (whenever you buy a triple TP upgrade or TP formula upgrades). Make sure you buy all DT upgrades available to you whenever you can. Also, don’t forget about buying EP multipliers and time dimensions after a run for EP. If you have several DT upgrades at near the same cost, I’ve found that the TP formula is generally the most helpful, followed by triple TP and double DT.

At this point, your goal is to get 1e24 time theorems. If you click on the studies tab, going to the bottom of the time study tree will have a dilation study that says “Unlock meta dimensions”, which costs 1e24 TT. When you buy this, you will get a new set of dimensions that will continue progression, but you will not have enough to afford it yet. Keep getting more and more DT to get more TP to boost TT production, and get more EP as well.

At some point around 1e38 to 1e40 DT (several hundred sextillions of TP/1e23-1e24 TP), you will have at least 1e24 time theorems after a few hours of waiting. When you have enough TT, click on "Unlock meta dimensions” to unlock meta dimensions.

By the end of this section, you should have at least around 1e39-1e40 DT, 1e24 TT, and something around e1.6B antimatter and e20k EP. The exact amounts of AM and EP really don’t matter as much here, though you should have done a fair bit of progress there.(after 1e20000 EP TD1-4 cost will increase faster,this may be notice)

1e39-1e100 DT: Meta Dimensions

Once you buy “Unlock meta dimensions” with 1e24 TT, you now have access to an all-new tab under Dimensions called Meta Dimensions. (There’s also 4 new dilation upgrades starting at 1e50 DT, but you are not able to get them for now, so don't worry about them until you can buy them.) You’ll also get the first new achievement on row 14, for unlocking meta-dimensions (I'm so meta).

Meta-dimensions are like regular dimensions in many ways. However, they cost meta-antimatter, a new currency that makes dimension boosts more effective (multiplies the power of each dimboost by x^8, where x is best ever meta-antimatter). The first meta-dimension produces meta-antimatter, while the second one produces the first and so on, up to the eighth (as usual with the other types of dimensions).

For meta-dimensions, there is no equivalent of tickspeed or galaxies, but to compensate, dilated time gives a multiplier to meta-dimensions (DT0.1/1e4). Thus, it is still important to continue increasing dilated time. Also, there are upgrades you’ll need to get before reaching the next section.

Meta-antimatter prices work pretty much the same as normal antimatter prices at the start of the game. You’ll also have to do meta-dimension shifts and boosts. Upon buying 20 fourth meta-dimensions, buy a meta-shift, and this will also happen for the next 3 shifts after (up to 8th dimension). You’ll also notice a new thing called “quantum” that requires 9.32e446 meta-antimatter and an EC14 completion, which will be important later. When you buy the 8th meta dimension, you will get the achievement "And still no ninth dimension..." (100 meta antimatter and all meta dimensions are 10% stronger).

Keep getting more meta-dimension shifts when you can. You should be able to reach the first five easily, but you’ll probably be stuck at 5 meta-boosts for a while. Until then, you'll need to grind tachyon particles and wait to get the 1e50 DT upgrade "Gain a multiplier to meta-dimensions based on tickspeed".

Once you get 1e50 DT, you’ll be able to buy an upgrade that multiples MDs, based on tickspeed. The multiplier (current multiplier when you buy it is around 9x) should help in getting more MA, and also meta-boosts 6 and 7. Also, around this time, you should get the “Universal harmony” achievement as soon as you get 700 free dilated galaxies, by using Active TS (time study) path. With around 1e56 DT, you should be able to get the “GAS GAS GAS” achievement too, unlocking autobuyers for TDs and EP multipliers. Make sure to turn them all on! (this improves quality of life)

At 1e60 DT, you get another upgrade, that increases the multipliers from meta dimension shifts, boosts, and per-10 multipliers based on DT. This upgrade is very powerful, and you should get meta-boosts 8-10 and even higher easily. Also, at around this time, you’ll pass e100k EP and ee10 AM. (e10B AM)

At 1e80 DT, you get another upgrade that makes the effect of meta-antimatter stronger (x^8 to x^9), giving an immediate increase in EP gain. At this time, get 1 trillion eternities for "The cap is a million, not a trillion", which will significantly increase ID multiplier by using a better formula for Eternity Upgrade 2. By this time, you should also be able to get the “It will never be enough” achievement by leaving it on overnight (or going offline), which will give a helpful reward in which you can buy max replicanti galaxies with only 1 reset of replicanti. (I recommend use active path from this session)

Finally, you can buy a DT boost upgrade based on best meta-antimatter at 1e100 DT, which will unlock Mastery Studies, as well as increase the DT multiplier. (If you have looked below Meta Dimensions, there shows a mastery study portal that wouldn't unlock until you got to this point which should now be affected, and will allow you to access the mastery study section.) You will now have to focus more on the new section of time studies, called Mastery Studies. They cost high in price, and the cost increases for more mastery studies you buy, but they are worth it for production.

By the end of this section, you should have at least 1e100 DT and all row 14 achievements, along with 15-16 meta-boosts and around e450k EP (you will also have a lot of time theorems, but will not be enough for the costs of the mastery studies in the next section).

1e100 DT: Mastery Studies

Click the button to continue to mastery studies at the bottom of the time studies page. This unlocks a “mastery studies” tab with 10 new time studies and 2 new ECs to complete. For now, you don't have to worry about the ECs, you don't have enough TT to buy them yet. The first mastery study (241) costs 1e71 TT, which you probably don’t have, and you can see other studies that require a large amount of TT (but you will be able to afford them later when you progress). Note: Mastery studies count as time studies (this will be important for getting some achievements).

You have to continue with getting more dilated time, as usual, although at this point it will be very slow; after 1e100 DT, you’ll also notice the formula and triple TP upgrade costs begin scaling faster, further hindering your ability to get more TP, meaning less TT generation increase for time studies. The generation of time theorems will become slower because of the amount of TP you have, meaning it will take longer to get time theorems, but it won't take forever to buy mastery studies.

When you can, buy TS241 to make the IP multiplier upgrade better (2.2x IP multiplier per purchase will make much of a difference, you will experience a large IP/EP gain right away). After this, buy the studies on the next row (row 25) in order of left to right (these will make galaxy cost scaling start later, allowing you to have more galaxies). Then, buy the studies on row 26 in the order of 266->eternity, 261, and then 265 as you can afford them. (NOTE:buy study 266 need eternity once to activeable)However, in dilated runs, go for 264 (if you have enough TT), as it boosts TP gain. 264 is really a top priority for dilation; as soon as you can buy 241, 252, and 264, do it for a massive TP boost, which is in turn a massive TT production boost. Also, feel free to use 262 sometimes to get more MA, and 263 to get DT faster, especially if nearing a triple TP or formula upgrade.

When you can get four 26x studies, you should have everything up to TS25X, 261, 265, 266, (262 for meta antimatter or 263 for dilated time or 264 in dilation run) as your production mastery studies. Around this point, you should get the MA amount required to quantum (use 262), so you don’t have to later. You should be getting ready to go complete EC13, whenever you can afford it (you will be close to e900k EP).

EC13x1 (EP: 1e880,000+ | Goal: 1e38,000,000 IP): This challenge disables dimboosts for normal dimensions and IDs. To unlock it, you need 728k dimboosts which should be easy enough to get (using 261, 265 and 266). This requires some waiting, but eventually you will reach completion. You don't need 265 for this challenge

After EC13, if you are able to get ~e915k+ EP, do EC14, which disables meta dimensions, and has rules similar to IC3. EC14 is difficult if you don't have enough EP, so if you think you can complete it, do EC14 (doing 14x1 first will actually be faster than waiting for 13x2, so you can do it now). Later, you can do EC13x2.

EC13x2 (EP: 1e920,000+ | Goal: 1e39,200,000 IP): Requires more waiting (if you haven't done 14x1 yet), but when you reach completion of this challenge, you'll eventually be able to get enough EP (or more) for EC14x1. If you've done 14x1 already, it will be faster and will allow you to get more EP because of the increase of multiplier to dimension boosts from meta-dimensions.

EC14x1: (EP: 1e920,000+ | Goal: 1e1,595,000 IP): When you start EC14x1, you will at first see significant amounts of IP being gained, but this will slow down. Depending on your EP, if you have more than 1e920,000 EP, you'll be able to potentially beat this under 2 hours, otherwise this will take over 2 hours. You can beat EC14x1 before EC13x2, but you can do it the other way (but you will spend more time and you MUST need 265 to start challenge).

When you finally beat EC14x1, you’ll be able to quantum, assuming you have at least 9.32e446 MA. Don't get MDB 21(need 5e444 meta-antimatter), there is only some time before you can get 9.32e446 meta-antimatter. You can only get 1 quark on your first quantum, so you should quantum right away. When you quantum, you will start progressing towards new NG+3 content.

9.32e446 MA: Quantum

Once you have at least 9.32e446 meta-antimatter and 1 EC14 completion, go quantum (you will only get 1 quark on first quantum, so don't waste time on grinding more meta-antimatter). You will lose everything you would have lost on eternity, as well as eternity milestones, challenges and upgrades, TDs, MDs, DT, TP, and dilated upgrades. However, you will gain a quark and get sub atomic achievement, these will gain 20x more eternitied stat in under 100,000 and Unlock don't respec studies and auto-reunlock ECs' option, and you will see the quantum tab (unlocked from going quantum). Go to the quarks tab. For the first quark, it is recommended to put it in red, as it boosts the early game, and will boost galaxies for the rest of the quantum forever. Quarks and color power will persist on going quantum. The gluons tab won’t be useful for a few more runs (you will need more quarks to get gluons), but there are upgrades that will help you along the early quantum stages (and more upgrades will unlock as you go past certain features). Also, check the achievements tab - there’s a new “quantum speedruns” tab, which is to quantum what eternity milestones are to eternities - as your quantums get faster, you unlock various Quality of Life features. You can’t do them right away, but after a few quantums, some speedruns will be possible.

Continue on with your second quantum as you had before. Remember to fix the autobuyers, as the autobuyer buttons have not updated, and you will have to click on the buttons several times to fix them as they have been disabled. You don't have to fully complete all the Eternity Challenges, as EC3, EC5 to EC8, and EC11 and EC12 are the only eternity challenges that you should complete with 5 completions. Everything else (time dilation to mastery studies) will go as usual, only faster than usual, but you will take a few days to reach enough meta antimatter for quantum.

When you almost get to quantum, don’t quantum right away - instead, wait for two quarks (2 quarks require at least 4.88e463 MA, 3 require 1e512 MA, 4 require 1e548 MA, however, you only need 1-2, as it is the most efficient. EC13/EC14 completions should be easier now). When you get 2 quarks, assign them to blue, to help increase DT production and to get the Hadronzation achievement in the next quantum. This run will still take a few days to get to the next quantum, but will get faster in the next quantum.

With your third quantum, get 2 quarks, and put them in green to increase the amount of extra replicated galaxies. You will also get a red-blue gluon to spend on upgrades, along with the Hadronization achievement because of the quark setup in the previous quantum (This will get harder to obtain later on (beginning early quantum, post 100 gluon upgrades)). Get the 1 BR upgrade "You gain more tachyon particles based on your dilated time" to speed up time dilation tremendously. This run will only take 1-2 days instead of how long the 2nd quantum took. At this point, some milestones are feasible: 12 hours and 9 hours can be potentially achieved, possibility with 6 hours.(v2.0 update can make early quantum faster, you can even complete 4.5 hours milestone)

Speedrun guide(recommend, from 3rd or 4th quantum with 1 BR or all 1 gluon upgrade):

  1. Pre break infinity: Buy all infinity upgrade and level 25 IP multi upgrade, do autoboost->autogalaxy->autocrunch->autodim2-8->autotickspeed (after complete both autodim2-8 and autotickspeed will can't buy max, will spent more time) than use enter key buy all to least 1e6x bulk buy/max out autobuyer,set autoboost to 0/50/100 and turn on autogalaxy. (during this session, hold M key)
  2. Post break infinity: Click break infinity button, than buy all upgrade with hold enter key, wait until 2x tickspeed cost multi increase, 5x dimensions cost multi increase and 50% IP generare on best of last 10 infinities, than click reach x antimatter to unlock new dimension 3 times, no need start infinity challenges, set tab to dimensions - infinity dimensions and infinity - upgrade(do many crunch with about 1e10x IP in last crunch)(make sure to unlock replicanti), eternity for 1 EP on first 5 eternity.
  3. Post eternity: First 4 eternity need turn on all available autobuyer(with IP multi, IDs, replicated change(#2), interval(#3), max RG(#4), replicated galaxies), set boost to 0.05s and galaxy to 0.1s, this will be faster to build study:buy 11->22->32->42->51->61->71->81->91->101->111->21->31->41->33->121->131(after need hold R key)->141->151->162->respec if have 29 unspent TT->shift+61->shift+103->shift+141->shift+171, during of this session need bought eternity upgrades,if have 1e18 EP, start to grind eternities with 1e308x autocrunch and 0 autoeternity, both turn on.(during this session when farming,hold enter and click max time theorem)
  4. Eternity Challenge: After 20000 eternities do normal eternity run and get least 1e45 EP, respec, use ID+active path than unlock EC1, turn off don't respec and auto re-unlock option,than use TD+active path and unlock EC2, than EC3 with TD+active, but turn on don't respec and auto re-unlock option, after EC3x1 buy study 181(than spam E key during challenges), than start EC5 with TD+active, EC6 with TD+active, EC7 with ND+active and EC8 with TD+idle, all need 5 completion, than farm eternity to 1e110 EP
  5. After 1e100 EP: Start EC10 with ND+active path, turn off don't respec and auto re-unlock option,turn on autocrunch and set to 5s and hold R key,may only need few million of infinities, buy study follow down:193,191,212,211,214,213,192,201,shift+102,224,232,222,228,234,226,farm eternity to 1e1400 EP, than start EC11 with ND+active/222,223,225,228,231,233 and turn on don't respec and auto re-unlock option, than EC12 with TD+passive/222,224,226,228,232,234(both no need study 201), After complete EC12x5, click unlock time dilation
  6. Post dilation(You can use D key to start dilation run,than E key to disable dilation): Start normal dilation run with TD+ID+active/222,223,225,228,232,234, after 1.80e308 IP disable dilation and start dilation run instantly(Press E,than D)(You will get about 6-7x more TP after first dilation), than dilate time with about 2 second than disable dilation, and spam on upgrades,(This session may take faster), after 1e25 DT go to time studies tab buy unlock TD5-8, reach 1e28-1e29 TP than unlock meta dimensions
  7. Meta Dimensions(Hold M Key in full session): At start of this session, you may no matter on meta dimensions, just do dilation run and get 1e50 and 1e60 DT upgrade, after can back to meta dimensions and get about 10 MDB, back to time dilation and get 1e100 DT, buy all this upgrade, get 15 MDB
  8. Mastery Studies: Because TP gain are 100x more, so TT production are 100x faster until 1e80 TP,buy study follow down(Key: study(cost total(cost of this study/amount of unspent TT before respec(if need)) TT)): 241(1e71(1e71) TT)->251(3e71(2e71) TT)->252(8e71(5e71) TT)->respec and use 241,252,264(1.55e72(1.25e72/7.5e71) TT)(Dilation run)->respec and use 241,253,266(Eternity Point)->respec and use 241,251,253,266(3.925e72(3.125e72/2.375e72) TT)(Note: You can't buy study 251 if you bought study 266)->261 TT)(Eternity Point) or 262(Meta Dimensions) or 252,263(Dilated Time) or 252,264(Dilation Run)(all 2.2675e73(1.875e73)->respec and use 241,251,252,253,266 and 261(Eternity Point) or 262(Meta Dimensions) or 263(Dilated Time) or 264(Dilation run)(all 5.67375e73(3.40625e73 unspent before respec) TT), after 3.379875e74 TT use this build:241,251,252,252,266,261,262(Meta Dimensions) or 263(Dilated Time) or 264(Dilaion Run) or 265(Eternity Point)
  9. Eternity Challenge 13/14: If you have over 1e1,000,000 EP, you can start eternity 14 with turn off don't respec and auto reunlock ECs option, after beat EC14 you can use 241,251,252,253,261,265,266,262 to farm meta-antimatter, get 20 MDB, don't get 21, after 9.32e446 MA, you can go quantum

After your fourth quantum, it doesn’t really matter what colors you assign your quarks to, as long as you focus on getting enough for gluon upgrades. Keep going quantum until you have all 1, 2, and 4 gluon upgrades, and during those runs, try getting speedrun milestones as well. Some rewards include: 12 hours starts you with 20k eternities (avoiding the grind to do EC1x1); 9 hours unlock TT autobuyer (no need to spam max time theorems); 6 hours completes all ECs for you on quantum (possibly nicest reward of them all, avoids grinding), and 4.5 hours starts you with dilation (avoids further grinding). As you get faster, you’ll gradually keep more features and quality of life features, starting with dilation upgrades and time studies, and unlock autobuyers for the top-row dilation upgrades, MDs, and meta-boosts.

Some achievements require that you disable some of the quantum milestones, however, you should not focus on them until you start reaching the Electrons to Quantum Challenges/Paired Challenges stage. These achievements include:(should force before unlock new quantum machine, because disable 4.5h speedrun milestone can't return time theorem from dilation study,you will waste a lot of time theorem and can't unlock back again)

- Intergalactic: Requires disabling the 4.5-hour milestone, as well as disabling all replicanti galaxy autobuyers and respeccing out of 225/226. (4,000,000 8th dimensions without any replicated/free galaxies). Possible around mid/late electrons.

- Work harder: Requires disabling the 6-hour and 4.5-hour milestones (Reach Time Dilation without Eternity Upgrades). Possible in after 2.3x IP multi per IP multiplier upgrade gain. (Note:attempt EC6 may take longer to complete)

- No more tax fraud!: Requires disabling the 4.5-hour milestone (900 normal galaxies without unlocking dilation; Gives a reward of permanent banked infinities and banked eternities). Possible in after 3.5 minutes speedrun milestone.

When you attempt to get these achievements, you must respec BOTH time studies and mastery studies, disable the speedrun milestone reward and then quantum. Then, you can get the achievements under their requirements.

Once you have all 1/2/4 gluon upgrades, you are now able to get Electrons. The moment you start reaching electrons, you will have to deal with waiting for a period of time to get enough time theorems. You should have at least some of the speedrun milestones up to this point (up to 1.5-minute speedrun) and have some row 15 achievements. This section should have taken at least 1-2 weeks.

2e82 TT: Electrons

After getting all 1/2/4 gluon upgrades, and getting all meta dimension and meta-boost autobuyers, you can do a long run for 2e82 time theorems. You will need around 1e84 TP (around 2e77 TT/sec, 22 hours: 79200 seconds * 2.6e77 TT/sec (depends) = ~2.05e82 TT) to get enough TT in a reasonable time. Once you have enough TT, you'll be able to purchase the “Unlock Electrons” study for 2e82 TT (you might want to save some for some time studies, you will not be able to get 2e82 TT back as it is a dilation study), the first of the new studies revealed after you quantumed. Unlocking Electrons introduces you to a new mechanic that will increase production significantly.

Electrons are found under a new tab in the Quantum prestige layer section. To buy electrons, you have to sacrifice your normal galaxies, but they turn into a certain number of electrons each (currently 2 per galaxy). Electrons boost your multiplier for 10 dimensions, meaning they are quite powerful. You can upgrade your electrons per galaxy using meta-antimatter, meta dimension boosts, time theorems, or dilated time (0.25 electrons per galaxy each upgrade). It's recommended to sacrifice all your galaxies (to get the maximum effect from electrons). However, you will have to switch 232 to 231 (232 will be less effective when sacrificed). Antimatter production will EXPLODE, as the Multiplier per 10 Dimensions also explodes.

After unlocking electrons, you can start doing more speedruns, and get the 100 gluon upgrades. You should first get the BR upgrade (which is the most powerful upgrade as it increases meta dimension multipliers by the multiplier per 10 dimensions boost), then GB and RG, but you can go in any order (however, leave 100 RG upgrade for later). With electrons, 1 minute speedrun, 30 second speedrun and 20 second speedrun (Sacrifice electrons ASAP, perform fast dilation runs, and focus more multipliers on meta dimensions. Use quantum autobuyer to quantum at 1 quark.) is doable, but all other speedruns is difficult to achieve (you will get "And the winner is..." when getting 30 second speedrun). They can be achieved after going further in NG+++ (try speedruns at quantum/paired challenges, replicants, etc). Be sure to play with the galaxy autobuyer when doing speedruns, to get the most out of study 262.

When grinding quarks for 100 gluon upgrades, get all 3 gluon upgrades, and go for 2-3 quark runs (4 quarks takes longer than needed to right now, but the gluon upgrades can shorten that time).

(The 100 RG upgrade can be toggled, and can allow you to complete "I already got rid of you..." but it still hard to complete)

After getting the 100 gluon upgrades, start going for more electrons and longer runs to upgrade your electrons per galaxy (if you haven't already done so). In normal runs, turn the 100 RG upgrade on at the start, and when you reach a plateau turn it off for a large boost. This is because at the start, you get a large boost from galaxies, but not a lot from electrons. When you turn the upgrade off and get another galaxy, your dimensions reset and you get a huge boost from electrons.

Also, you should start getting some row 27 and 28 studies (Row 27: 272 and 273 are good studies, and in row 28: 282 is better. In other cases, it is better to get more DT and MA for different purposes). 272 is definitely a good mastery study to get, as you get more RG effectiveness from all paths. Furthermore, go for 5 electrons per galaxy by buying another meta antimatter upgrade (4.75 electrons/galaxy may be enough, but it is possible for 5 per galaxy).

By the time you finish this section, you should have 4.75 or 5 electrons per galaxy and 2e84 spare TT, just in time for Quantum Challenges (specifically QC1, at 16,750 electrons). Also, try some more row 15 achievements; all achievements except the last one in row 15 should be doable at around this point. "I already got rid of you..." is not currently possible, but it will be possible when you have more multipliers from QCs (after completing QC4).

16,750 electron: Quantum Challenges

(NOTE: This section is currently outdated due to balancing changes, this will be heavily updated during the Grand Run when I get to this point - usavictor)

Note: Color Power will be referred to in r/g/b format, where r is your red power, g is your green power, and b is your blue power. Also, take note that blue power is sometimes not really important, so you might not need to grind them to the recommended in order to beat the challenge. You should grind all color powers regardless of progression, and to help make quantum challenges faster.

After getting the electrons and TTs needed (16750 electrons and 2e84 TT), you’ll unlock Quantum Challenges. These challenges usually take a long time compared to other types of challenges, so you shouldn’t worry if it’s taking more than an hour. In order to enter a quantum challenge, you must have the electrons required for the challenge. Grind color power as much as possible, if you can. 'IMPORTANT: Electrons are useless in Quantum Challenges, so don't grind more electrons for Quantum Challenges, you won't be able to utilize the extra electrons to your advantage. If you are under the color power requirements, DON'T attempt a Quantum Challenge until you have the color power required to complete it in a reasonable amount of time. Grind infinities and eternities for around 1 minute each. Also, Banked eternities are disabled, that's why you will have to farm eternities when you enter the QC.'

(note: the electron per galaxy might be incorrect for some quantum challenges, double-check them please - usavictor)

QC1 (R: 1e7 | G: 1e7 | B: 1e7 | Electrons: 16,750, 4.75/galaxy or 5/galaxy | Goal: 1e6.65e9 antimatter) - Normal Dimensions 3-8 don't produce anything, you don't lose everything when buying ND/Tickspeed: After getting 1e7 of each color powers, you should be able to complete QC1. Just get the electrons and jump right in. It should take a few hours (or upwards to a day, but it should not take long). For QC1 and QC2, grinding color power isn't really necessary, but you will have to grind more color power later. As a reward, you get a +0.25 bonus to your electron multiplier for each Quantum Challenge completed, and your First and Second Dimensions will boost dilated time production. Around this point, you should be getting the quark doublers.

QC2 (R: 1e7 | G: 1e7 | B: 1e7 | Electrons: 19,100, 5.25/galaxy | Goal: 1e7.68e10 antimatter) - Galaxies have no effect: After QC1, you can go try QC2 immediately if you have enough electrons. Red power is useless in QC2 since QC2 disables the functionality of galaxies. This should take about 10 hours or less. As a reward, you gain more free galaxies from dilation. At some point after completing this challenge, you'll probably reach a maximustrillion (1e1e12 (1e1.0T)) antimatter. Also, you should be able to get the 10 second speedrun now, then almost immediately after that, the 5s speedrun with the "Special Relativity" achievement.

QC3 (R: 1e8 | G: 1e8 | B: 1e7 | Electrons: 21,500, 5.75/galaxy | Goal: 1e4.525e10 antimatter) - Infinity Dimensions can only be boosted by meta-antimatter. Meta-antimatter never boosts dimension boosts: (you should grind TT to get 1e85 TT upgrade, otherwise almost impossible to reach 21500 electrons) This is the point where you'll need to start increasing your color powers. Just follow the recommended amount for each QC. QC3 is much shorter than the others; only taking a few hours. As a reward, infinity power boosts Meta Dimensions at a greatly reduced rate. You can get "I already got rid of you" and "Intergalatic" at this point. For "Intergalatic", even though you have to re-unlock electrons and quantum challenges, don't worry, you won't lose anything.

QC4 (R: 1e8 | G: 1e8 | B: 1e7 | Electrons: 24,050, 6.25/galaxy | Goal: 1e5.325e10 antimatter) - Automatic Crunches challenge, but also applied to all dimensions. Meta-dimension boost costs increase slower and buffs are removed: (you should get 35 MDB electron upgrade) no need to grind color powers, just electrons. It should take about the same amount of time as QC3. The AM goal is relatively straightforward to reach, but the MA goal will require some waiting to reach 9.32e446 MA. As a reward, all even Meta Dimensions boost all odd Meta Dimensions. You should be getting a LOT of quarks after finishing this, about 1000-2000 for fast quantums, 50000 quarks for quark gain peaks, and you could even reach 200000 quarks per slow quantum. Second round of quark doublers is expected here.

QC5 (R: 1e9 | G: 1e9 | B: 1e8 | Electrons: 25,900, 6.5/galaxy | Goal: 1e1.344e10 antimatter) - Dimension Supersonic scaling starts instantly and grows much faster. Replicated galaxy cost and free galaxy threshold also grow much faster. Multiplier per ten dimensions is disabled: More color power grinding. QC5 shouldn't take too long, but it's not as fast as QC3. As a reward, multiplier per ten dimensions is boosted by dimension boosts. Third round of quark doublers is expected here.

QC6 (R: 1e9 | G: 1e11 | B: 1e10 | Electrons: 28,900, 6.75/galaxy | Goal: 1e5.61e8 antimatter) - IC2, IC6, IC7, and IC8 are applied to Normal, Infinity, and Time Dimensions, and IC3 is applied to Normal Dimensions. Matter cannot surpass antimatter or you fail the challenge, and you can't gain dimension boosts. However, the multiplier per ten meta dimensions is a little bit stronger: (Using TS233 instead of 234 because you can't sacrifice due to can't dimension boost, this will multi TP gain by about 6, Red power is fully useless) Before start QC6 you need to set autobuyer priority to all 1 because just 8th dimension auto to 1 will fail the challenge instantly, after start QC6, you’ll realize that BOTH AM and MA are hard to reach, so you will have to wait some time to get 9.32e446 MA and grind eternities to 1e17. (Before the update, the AM goal was easy to reach. The nerf is probably due to canceling the IC3 benefit for other dimensions) If you can complete, it will take about 3 hours to complete. Matter only rises 5 OoMs per second, so don't worry about it exceeding you antimatter, as it will take 3 years to do so. As a reward, your achievement bonus boosts Meta Dimensions. 1e3.0 T antimatter is expected here. Note: DO NOT go offline with your eternity autobuyer on. If you do so, when you come back on, you will fail the challenge due to a bug.

QC7 (R: 1e13 | G: 5e14 | B: 1e11 | Electrons: 31,850, 7.25/galaxy | Goal: 1e6.254e10 antimatter) - Dimension & tickspeed cost multiplier increases are 1.80e308x. Multiplier per ten dimensions and meta-antimatter's effect on dimension boosts are disabled: (get 1e1079 electron upgrade, you could have gotten it before QC6) QC7's grind has been reduced, but you should potentially grind enough color power to beat the challenge in a reasonable time. As a reward, the free tickspeed upgrade threshold increase from Time Dimensions is decreased.

QC8 (R: 1e15 | G: 1e15 | B: 1e13 | Electrons: 33,600, 7.5/galaxy | Goal: 1e2.925e10 antimatter) - Infinity Dimensions, Time Dimensions, and Meta-Dimension Boosts are disabled: After grinding up to e15/e15/e13, you should be able to do QC8. It is recommend to start EC10 when you start this challenge or you are going to end dilation. It should probably only take from a few hours to a day. As a reward, you gain extra replicated galaxies faster after 100.

Upon beating all Quantum Challenges, a new form of challenges will be unlocked, which is called "Paired Challenges". More will be explained in the next section.

At this point, you should have:

  • At least quadrillions of all color power
  • At least trillions of quarks/gluons
  • You should start to have over e4e12 (e4.0 T) antimatter.

QC8 Complete: Paired Challenges

(This section is probably outdated; you should still update this)

Once you beat all Quantum Challenges, you will be able to buy "Unlock Paired Challenges" for 4e85 TT after another long run (about 12 hours, 2 overnight runs) for TT (or during quantum challenges, where you generated most of the time theorems for paired challenges). These challenges require you to choose 2 challenges to complete in 1 challenge (which will be hard and time-consuming, or easy and a breeze, based on which challenges you choose). However, the rewards from the Paired Challenges are worth it. Completing a Paired Challenge boosts the rewards for each sub-challenge. You will also be able to buy mastery studies below "Unlocked Paired Challenges", which are helpful for beating Paired Challenges.

You also unlock 9 new time studies, some can help in paired challenges:

Study 291 and 292: you gain 1% of EP will gain every second/ you can gain TP without disabling dilation.

Both QoL studies, that can gain EP/TP without eternity.

Study 301 and 303: remote galaxies start 1 later every 4.15 extra RG/ meta-dimensions are stronger based on galaxies(total).

Study 301 may not worthy, but can gain more galaxies; Study 303 can increase quark gain, as Study 301 can help it.

Study 311 and 312: Replicanti multiplier to Infinity Dimensions are 17.3x stronger/ meta-dimension boost are 4.5% stronger and cost scaling by 1 less.

Study 311 can help antimatter gain if you are not in either QC3,QC8,PC with QC3+x,PC with QC8+x,PC with QC3+8; Study 312 can increase MDB amount by 5%, which can increase quark gain(early session may not worthy,but later will more powerful)

Study 321 and 323: If MP10D is 1x,than change it to 1e430x/ cancel dilation penalty for Normal Dimensions from replicanti.

Study 321 can help antimatter gain if you are in either QC5,QC7,PC with QC5+x,PC with QC7+x,PC with QC5+7; Study 323 can increase Tachyon Particle gain.

Study 302: Pick all time studies before mastery studies,this will buy all time studies before Study 241,remaining studies:

  • 221(dimension boost affect time dimensions,at this session should is about 1e1500x),
  • 223(galaxy cost scaling start 7 later),
  • 226(you gain extra RG based on max RG,at this session should is about 200 times green power effect),
  • 227(sacrifice affect 4th time dimensions,at this session should is about 1e105x,but it increase very slow),
  • 232(if you follow guide you should removed this;galaxy are stronger based on normal galaxies,effect is always 0% until bosonic upgrade 4),
  • 233(divide max RG cost based on replicanti,at this session should is about /1e900,000).

You should have 4 presets to grind with:

Eternity point: use 241,251,252,253,261,265,266,271,272,273,291,292,301,303,302

(Later can use everything up to 30th row)

(Study 302 cost multiplier is 131,072x, which is very high)

Meta antimatter: remove 302 and use 262,282,312 or 311

Dilated time: remove 302 and use 263,281,311

Dilation run: remove 302 and use 264,312,323

You should be able to quantum in under 1sec before doing any PCs, which will earn you the achievement "Quantum doesn't take so long." (I don't know why this achievement is way down there) You will be awarded automatic eternity features.

There are some ways you can choose challenges for paired challenges, although these ones are most used in beating Paired Challenges. You can choose the easiest quantum challenges to challenge first, and then the hardest quantum challenges are challenged at the end, or you could do hardest first, and easiest later. However, there is a recommended strategy that was made on the NG+3 discord:

Recommended: Assign these challenges to match with the table shown below:(I will add 1+3/2+5/4+6 back if PCs guide in completed, because this may can't gain higher quark)

Number Combination Cost (in electrons) Goal (in antimatter) How to do it
1 QC1 + QC6 45,650 e37,306,500 Use DT (not EP) preset for AM goal, and MA preset for MA goal. Should take about 25min.
2 QC3 + QC5 47,400 e6,081,600,000 Use EP preset. Should take only 1 minute with enough color powers. Production will EXPLODE, and "This achievement doesn't exist 3" should be possible after this.
3 QC2 + QC8 52,700 e22,464,000,000 Use EP preset. Should take only 30 seconds.

It is optional to assign PC4 as QC4 + QC7 combined (cost: 55,900 electrons; goal: e33,302,550,000), but unfortunately, it stuck at about e1.6e10, meaning this will take some time. Fortunately, you can respec paired challenges as a way to solve the problem.

After you beat PC3 for the first time, you will want to grind to e34/e34/e34 color power (Do this before respeccing, as it will be much harder to get those amounts of color power until you clear PC4). This may take some time, but you will eventually get close to or over the color power. During the grind, you will be able to complete quantum/paired challenges without dilating time.

Once that is done, respec paired challenges and assign QC4+QC6. Enter it, any EC, and IC1 will give you a secret achievement. Then, respec again and reassign these to match the table below:

Number Combination Cost (in electrons) Goal (in antimatter)
1 QC3 + QC6 50,400 1e253,852,500
2 QC2 + QC8 52,700 1e22,464,000,000
3 QC4 + QC5 49,950 1e7,156,800,000
4 QC1 + QC7 48,600 1e4,158,910,000

For PC3, if you get stuck, when you're going for the antimatter, you should not buy mastery study 262, 263, 264, and 281 and instead buy 291, 292, 301, 303, 311, 312, and 321. Buy the rest that you can before this as well. You might be able to do without 312, 303, or 292 if you can't afford all of them. Grind meta antimatter and get as much multiplier for them, as Meta Dimensions will allow you to get past PC4+5.

Paired Challenges will take some time based on what you chose for these Paired Challenges, but for these paired challenges, it won't take so long. For the pre-respec part, PC4 is the longest, but for the post-respec part, it will take less time. Once you beat all the Paired Challenges, you are able to unlock Replicants at 4e87 TT. You will get the achievement "Twice in the row" for completing PC4, as well as obtaining a new mode for quantum autobuyer (# of dilated). Also, you should finish off row 15 achievements by the end of this section if you haven't already, as "I already got rid of you..." is much easier at this point. Some other row 16 achievements might be possible at this point. The reward of this achievement gives time theorem production from best TP ever, alleviating grinds for time theorems.

At this point, you should have:

  • decillions of quark/gluon
  • undecillions of color power
  • e15 T(e1.5e13)antimatter
  • max 10.25 electron/galaxy(2 electron upgrade possible bought in this session with 1e202 dilated time and 1e1599 meta antimatter)
  • 4e87 time theorem (enough to merge the MA and dilation presets)

EDIT ZONE(I will use old guide pre-respec and new guide post-respec,with e18/e22/e26/e35)

Pre Respec:

PC1:QC1+3: (Cost: 38,250 electron, Goal: 1e4,814,600,000 antimatter)

'Normal Dimensions 3-8 don't produce anything, you don't lose everything when buying ND/Tickspeed & Infinity Dimensions can only be boosted by meta-antimatter. Meta-antimatter never boosts dimension boosts.'

Before start PC1, you should need to grind color power to 1e18.

In Challenge, I recommend grind meta-antimatter to boost infinity dimensions.

Present: 11,21,22,33,31,32,41,42,51,61,62,71,72,73,81,82,83,91,92,93,101,102,103,111,121,131,141,151,161,162,171,181,191,192,193,211,212,213,214,222,224,225,228,231,234,122,123,132,133,142,143,221,223,226,227,232,233,241,251,252,253,261,265,266,272,273,271,291,292,301,303,302|0 (3.71e83 TT)

You should only take under 2 minute to complete.

PC2:QC2+5: (Cost: 45,000 electron, Goal: 1e10,321,920,000 antimatter)

'Galaxies have no effect & Dimension Supersonic scaling starts instantly and grows much faster. Replicated galaxy cost and free galaxy threshold also grow much faster. Multiplier per ten dimensions is disabled.'

Before start PC2, you should need to grind color power to 1e22.

In Challenge, I recommend use study 321 to boost normal dimensions.

Present: 11,21,22,33,31,32,41,42,51,61,62,71,72,73,81,82,83,91,92,93,101,102,103,111,121,131,141,151,161,162,171,181,191,192,193,211,212,213,214,222,224,225,228,231,234,241,251,252,253,261,265,266,272,273,271,291,292,301,303,311,312,321,323|0 (4.17e85 TT)

You should beat challenge faster if you use study 321,otherwise,may take very long.

PC3:QC4+6: (Cost: 52,950 electron, Goal: 1e298,732,500 antimatter)

'Automatic Crunches challenge, but also applied to all dimensions. Meta-dimension boost costs increase slower and buffs are removed & IC2, IC6, IC7, and IC8 are applied to Normal, Infinity, and Time Dimensions, and IC3 is applied to Normal Dimensions. Matter cannot surpass antimatter or you fail the challenge, and you can't gain dimension boosts. However, the multiplier per ten meta dimensions is a little bit stronger.'

Before stat PC3, you should need to grind color power to 1e26.

In Challenge, need farm eternities to 1e17, after set eternity autobuyer to about 10 second.

Present:(Note:I not use study 251, 261 and 262 because there are useless) 11,21,22,33,31,32,41,42,51,61,62,71,72,73,81,82,83,91,92,93,101,102,103,111,121,131,141,151,161,162,171,181,191,192,193,211,212,213,214,221,223,225,227,231,233,241,252,253,263,264,265,266,272,271,273,281,282,291,292,301,303,311,312,323|0 (6.89e86 TT) or 11,21,22,33,31,32,41,42,51,61,62,71,72,73,81,82,83,91,92,93,101,102,103,111,121,131,141,151,161,162,171,181,191,192,193,211,212,213,214,221,223,225,227,231,233,122,123,132,133,142,143,222,224,226,228,232,234,241,252,253,265,266,272,273,271,291,292,301,302,311|0 (4.05e86 TT)

I recommend always online, if you can, will spent about 20 minutes.

After PC3, quark gain will massive increase, I recommend assign (red->blue->green)->(fast quantum)->... order, if charging color is red(or blue or green),than use blue(or green or red)->green(or red or blue)

Current unassigned pair challenge only QC7 and QC8, but unfortunately, it will stuck at about 1e10,000,000 antimatter in this challenge, meaning this will impossible to complete. Fortunately, you can respec paired challenges as a way to solve the problem.

Post Respec:

PC1:QC3+6: (Cost: 50,400 electron, Goal: 1e253,852,500 antimatter)

'Infinity Dimensions can only be boosted by meta-antimatter. Meta-antimatter never boosts dimension boosts & IC2, IC6, IC7, and IC8 are applied to Normal, Infinity, and Time Dimensions, and IC3 is applied to Normal Dimensions. Matter cannot surpass antimatter or you fail the challenge, and you can't gain dimension boosts. However, the multiplier per ten meta dimensions is a little bit stronger.'

Old QC6 meta-antimatter was useless because it boost dimension boost but challenge in disable dimension boosts, now it will boost infinity dimensions and it not disabled, you will only wait meta-antimatter increase and make antimatter massively increase after dilate time.(you may even past ee9 antimatter in this challenge)

PC2:QC2+8: (Cost: 52,700 electron, Goal: 1e22,464,000,000 antimatter)

'Galaxies have no effect & Infinity Dimensions, Time Dimensions, and Meta-Dimension Boosts are disabled.'

You may take about 45 second to complete with dilate twice.(You can use eternity point grind present)

PC3:QC4+5: (Cost: 49,950 electron, Goal: 1e7,156,800,000 antimatter)

'Automatic Crunches challenge, but also applied to all dimensions. Meta-dimension boost costs increase slower and buffs are removed & Dimension Supersonic scaling starts instantly and grows much faster. Replicated galaxy cost and free galaxy threshold also grow much faster. Multiplier per ten dimensions is disabled.'

Use study 321 to boost antimatter, but antimatter sometime will suddenly increase in 1 tick and suddenly reduce antimatter production.

Present: 11,21,22,33,31,32,41,42,51,61,62,71,72,73,81,82,83,91,92,93,101,102,103,111,121,131,141,151,161,162,171,181,191,192,193,211,212,213,214,221,223,225,227,231,233,122,123,132,133,142,143,222,224,226,228,232,234,241,251,252,253,261,266,272,291,292,301,302,311,321|0 (7.59e86 TT)

You may take few minutes to complete with about 1e80 TP.

PC4:QC1+7: (Cost: 48,600 electron, Goal: 1e4,158,910,000 antimatter)

'Normal Dimensions 3-8 don't produce anything, you don't lose everything when buying ND/Tickspeed & Dimension and tickspeed cost multiplier increases are 1.80e308x. Multiplier per ten dimensions and meta-antimatter's effect on dimension boosts are disabled.'

I recommend use this present to complete after farm replicanti:

11,21,22,33,31,32,41,42,51,61,62,71,72,73,81,82,83,91,92,93,101,102,103,111,121,131,141,151,161,162,171,181,191,192,193,211,212,213,214,221,223,225,227,231,233,122,123,132,133,142,143,222,224,226,228,232,234,241,251,252,253,261,266,272,291,292,301,303,302,311|0 (5.06e86 TT)

PC4 Complete: Replicants 

Upon getting 4e87 TT, you can unlock replicants. Replicants gather preons, which boosts the green power (quark) effect. To get them, you must reset your replicanti amount, with the requirement of each replicant being higher than the last, but you will get more replicants to get more preons. You'll also notice additional types of replicants such as the worker replicant, which you will eventually get later on.

Note of mastery studies. After unlocking replicants and getting your TT amount up a bit, it's actually recommended to give up almost all of your mastery studies. The only ones you need are 241, 251, 252, 253, 261, 265, 266, 272, 291, 292, 302. This allows you to buy 322 and the subsequent studies more easily(cost 3.30e87 TT). Trust me: those are far more important in this section than the earlier studies. Actually, you can give up 265 if you don't need as much replicanti.

After 322, you'll want to buy time studies on the right side, so buy 332, 343, 344 and 351 in that order. If you have enough TT you can also buy 331, 342 and 341 in that order. Giving up 265 and buying all of these studies will give you a HUGE boost.

Anyway, after doing this and getting your normal count of quarks up to e46, you'll be able to start buying "quantum food". You can use this to promote normal replicants into worker replicants. Worker replicants are important because not only do they gather more preons, but they produce eggons, which eventually become baby replicants. These will eventually become normal replicants over time (which the rate of baby growth depends on the amount of normal replicants, so you want to reset for replicants as much as you can to get faster growth).

The main part of this section is really doing longer runs to get each successive worker replicant. Keep doing this, adding back earlier time studies if you can. Keep doing this until you reach 10 workers. You'll now be able to unlock Emperor Dimensions after earning the required TT, which will build on to replicants, as you will produce much more replicants when you start getting Emperor Dimensions.

10 Workers: Emperor Dimensions

After getting the TT requirement, you can unlock Emperor Dimensions. This opens up a new tab under dimensions, and will be a part of replicants, as they produce more replicants. More replicants = more preons gained for green power boost.

You can increase the emperor dimensions you can buy by spending gluons, similar to how you increased the number of workers you could buy earlier. For emperor dimensions, workers are considered as the first emperor dimension. The second emperor dimension produces the first, and so on all the way to the 8th, as with any other dimension. You buy them by feeding a lower emperor dimension to "promote" it to the next one. To do this, you must have over 10 of the previous emperor dimension.

You also unlock 11 new time studies. The order here isn't a super big concern, however, some mastery studies (particularly study 382) give a very large quark boost. This means that Emperor Dimensions will be a period of significantly faster progression, meaning you'll get access to higher Emperor Dimensions quickly. Keep doing runs for more quarks to get more EDs. At this point, you should be able to get above 10 ED8's fairly easy, though the last few runs may be harder.

For the other time studies, only use hatch speed when you have a lot of eggons, and almost always use the Meta Dimensions side for more quarks. At 10 ED8's, you will be able to unlock Nanofield, but not before going through another "long" session of time theorem generation (3e92 TT). (It isn't really long, 2 overnight runs will be enough)

During this time, you should be able to finish all row 16/17 achievements. Here are some tips for some of them.(The truth of anti-challenged, The challenge day and I don't want to live anymore can beat later)

  • "We are not going squared": Turn off your meta-boost autobuyer,
  • "Infinity morals" :Same of above and turn off the 10-second speedrun reward.
  • "Old memories come true": It's best to turn off your 5th-8th autobuyers and your dimboost autobuyer. You can leave everything else on.(Note: can't hold M key, instead, hold enter on meta-dimensions in max all)
  • "Seriously, I already got rid of you.": Similar to the previous achievements in this series, except you have to be in QC2. If possible, build EP/TP first.
  • "ERROR 500: INTERNAL DIMENSION ERROR": Turn off all MD autobuyers except the first MD and 10-second speedrun reward. You'll definitely want to max TP and DT first for this one, but it will only be a short amount of time for how long you have to wait for this achievement.
  • "Never make paradoxes!": Turn off your 4.5-hour speedrun milestone. (Respec all studies first, the game doesn't return TT spent in mastery studies even though it takes the studies away.) Then, don't buy any dilation upgrades (this includes rebuyables; DISABLE THE REBUYABLE UPGRADE AUTOBUYER)(If you completed no dilation mean no production,you must turn off dilation upgrade autobuyer before quantum,but will complete easier).
  • "The truth of anti-challenged": Just do a long run after respeccing PCs. I recommend doing this one right before the next two achievement.
  • "The Challenging Day": Try as many unique PC combinations as you can. It really doesn't matter in which spot the combo is in - if it's too hard, try doing it after some other PC combinations. In general, it is best to avoid 2+7, 3+8, 6+8, and 7+8. Completing 24 unique combinations will allow you to unlock a new mechanic later on, which isn't very far at this point. You will also gain the ability for matter to no longer fail challenge in QC.
  • "I don't want you to live anymore": This is only possible in a run of a paired challenge as QC2+4. It's recommended to make this PC4 after doing another combination of the other PCs.
  • "I can't get my multiplier higher": You may need very high of meta antimatter to complete it(like 1e3400), I recommend do a long quantum run before go quantum.
  • "No dilation means no production": You'll want to use time studies 271 and 273 (preferably both of them) to maximize replicanti gain. Obviously, you should not start dilation runs, but after some time, you'll get this achievement and get a permanent (x^0.5, x = best TP) amount of TP will be given on Quantum. This achievement will allow you to also get "Time is not relative" with enough DT multiplier and TP.

Replicants and Emperor Dimensions may only take few days, but next session may take longer.

10 ED8s: Nanofield

After reaching 10 8th Emperor Dimensions and reaching the required TT amount, you will be able to unlock Nanofield. Nanofield is different compared to other mechanics.

In Nanofield, you can use preons to gain preon charges, which generates preon energy and preon anti-energy. You gain reward based on your max preon power. You gain preon power whenever you reach a certain amount of preon energy, but to counter that, whenever the preon anti-energy reaches its max amount, (which is based on your preon charge) preon charge will stop being produced. While you are generating preon power, preons cannot be gathered.

This section used to take very long, but after the Ghostify update, it is less time consuming as it used to be thanks to new mastery studies (421, in particular, boosts preon energy based on tickspeed). When you unlock Nanofield, you gain access to 5 mastery studies, but there is a catch; 401 and 402 have a large TT multiplier cost of 1e10 (10 billion), so you can only pick either the 401 or 402 side. When you want to generate preon energy to get progression towards Nanofield rewards, purchase the left side (401, 411, 421). For a boost towards replicants, purchase the right side (402, 412). Due to the multiplier cost, you'll need to configure some of your time study setups to account for the new studies. However, generally, use 402/412 unless you are actively producing preon energy.

Generally, this is how each run in this section goes: Upon starting a new quantum, use different setups to get your DT/MA/replicanti up some, and then wait a few hours to try to collect lots of preons, which boosts time studies 401 and 411 significantly. Once you've waited for a few hours, begin generating preon charge. You should be able to then get at least one reward (possibly several), and then when you're done, quantum again.

The rewards you gain from Nanofield consist of 8 rewards, which are upgraded after getting enough rewards past 8 (which go back to the 1st reward to the 8th reward, and so on). Each reward (until 16) requires 4x the preon energy of the on before it, but after 16 the cost multiplier between rewards increases 4x per reward, making higher ones harder to collect.

NOTE: At some point during the middle of this section, you will earn 1.79e308 (infinity) quarks on a quantum. Once you do this, you will unlock various new quark QoL features, including the ability to automatically distribute your quarks, and the ability to split your quarks in a fixed ratio. It is recommended to set this up in a 1:2:1 ratio, and to use the "rotate" option - this rotates which quark color gets the doubled amount of quarks, allowing you to increase all of your color powers to some extent.

Once you get 16 rewards, you are able to unlock Tree of Decay for 1e95 TT (after another generation session). This is one of the longest and has a lot of grinding involved withing this mechanic. It will get better later on.

16 rewards: Tree of Decay

After reaching 16 rewards in Nanofield and reaching the required TT amount (1e95 TT), you will be able to unlock Tree of Decay, a feature that involves destabilizing quarks for upgrades to various game mechanics. Unlocking Tree of Decay will award the achievement "Do protons decay?".

In Tree of Decay, for each branch, you destabilize quarks for unstable quarks, which will decay exponentially until it reaches 0, but for each tick it decays, it gives you spins. There are a total of three branches, red, green, and blue, they each have their own colored unstabilized quark, spins, and upgrades, and there are eight different upgrades to buy using spins in a separate tab.

In the beginning, this section can be rather active, depending on how many of the first branch upgrades you buy. Since progress is mainly defined by Tree of Decay, it really isn't all that practical to do anything other than fast quantums to make sure you are constantly generating quark spins. (It was apparently even worse before the ghostify update, so there's that.) Keep buying upgrades, the next one usually isn't more than a few hours away, assuming you are playing actively. You can use the "u" key to unstabilize all your quarks, and if you really want to, find a random heavy object to hold down "u" overnight (or use an Automator script).

Once you have reached into the ten millions of spins, you can work on quark production. There are new gluon upgrades that costs 1e570 of each gluon. They make this section less painful, as it will increase the half life of the unstable quarks, so get them as soon as possible. You will have to grind quarks every now and then to get more gluons (you may as well focus on color power at some point).

Once you have unlocked the Gluon upgrade, which slows down decay, you can start buying the 3rd branch upgrade (half life*4), causing the game to become more passive with your unstable quarks stockpiles taking hours/days to fully decay. At this point, the 1st branch upgrade will become more useful, and after going Quantum and unstabilizing your quarks, it can be useful to do a quick Quantum to refill your Quarks. This way, if you don't want to Quantum yet when your unstable quarks are decayed, you can create more.

Also, at some point after obtaining the gluon upgrade, obtain Time Study 431, which speeds up branches based on free galaxies. This will make spin production significantly faster. TS431 can be used before the gluon upgrade if you spend TT wisely. TS431 will definitely help, so you will want a preset with TS431 when you need to grind spins.

After this, alternate runs for spins (when you're more active) and overnight quark production runs (to make UQs decay slower, among other things). You should be in the e800-900 quarks range by the time you're done with this section.

The main goal of this section is getting the eighth level of the second tree upgrade (TP formula increase), which costs around e23-24 spins. Once you have that, it really isn't that necessary to grind that much more in Tree of Decay (you can if you want). Once you have that upgrade, it is time to generate 1e98 time theorems needed for Big Rip. It might take some time, but you probably have a significant fraction of those time theorems already.

You will have to get the "The Challenging Day" achievement if you haven't already, as you'll need it later. If you didn't do row 17 yet, now's the time. Most PCs (except 2+7, 6+8, and 7+8) are probably doable at this level. However, there is a PC in particular that you cannot currently be able to complete...

During this time, you should be able to finish all row 18 achievements. Here are some tips for some of them.("Impossible expectations" and "Are you currently dying?" can be done in big rip, but I still list)

  • "ERROR 404:DIMENSIONS NOT FOUND":(It possible complete in nanofield session, but only need 73 MDB,I using end of Tree of Decay session with 1e25 of spins - e308.25)
  1. turn off all time dimensions autobuyer and meta-dimension boost autobuyer,
  2. (or disable 6 hours speedrun reward and turn off all time dimensions autobuyer except first),
  3. go quantum,
  4. (if you disable 6 hours speedrun reward, complete all eternity challenges except EC7)
  5. get 110 meta dimension boost, don't get 111 (based on nanofield session possible point and have level 38 first tree upgrade)
  6. and turn off meta dimension autobuyer except first
  7. farm dilated time and eternity point until can't gain more these
  8. than turn off all infinity dimensions autobuyer except first
  9. than eternity, farm infinity point until can't gain more this
  10. than turn off normal dimensions autobuyer except first and galaxy autobuyer
  11. and wait until have e1.600 T antimatter
  12. you will complete ERROR 404: DIMENSIONS NOT FOUND
  • "Stop blocking me!":(current version only need 1e12,500,000 replicanti reset, these will be easier, used to be 1e14,500,000 - e308.25),use TS271 and TS273,(if you can reach around 1e10,800,000 in a second, you would be able to complete it in a reasonable amount of time), then spam "Reset replicanti amount for a replicant" until display 1.00e12,500,000 to complete it, reward will make normal replicant manually don't reset replicanti and can be autoed,it can help early ghostify progress a bit faster, possible in after level 4/5 second tree upgrade
  • "Studies are wasted":(I add these because v2.121 allows to get this from disable 4.5 hours speedrun reward and respec time studies - e308.25),current version can only turn off 33.3 minutes speedrun reward and wait time to get 11.00 M TT, then respec time studies to complete achievement.(33.3m speed run reward have bug where time theorem won't reset if turn off this)
  • "Hardly marked"/"Impossible expectations":(reach 1e13,235,625,000 antimatter in QC3+8/reach 1e8,000,000 antimatter in QC6+8)start EC10 inside challenge (may farm infinities outside challenge in end of a quantum, I recommend do this in PC4), Hardly marked possible in after level 6/7 second tree upgrade and Impossible expectations possible in late nanofield.
  • "Are you currently dying?":(reach 1e275,000 IP in QC6+8 while dilated without studies)Same of "Seriously, I already got rid of you.",but in QC6+8, possible in after level 8 second tree upgrade

1e25 spins: Big Rip

[This section is currently a work in progress.]

When you hit at least 1e25 quark spins, you should now have at least 1e98 time theorems and get the "The Challenging Day" achievement (or you may have a significant amount of TT, but not enough to buy it, you have to deal with the grind for a little longer). Now you can unlock big rips (by buying the relevant study (you must have a mastery study connected to it first)). You will unlock NG+4 (a "mod" that starts off with all content up to Tree of Decay with buffs), but most importantly, you can finally start to complete the "impossible" challenge of PC6+8, and get Space Shards from doing Big Rips.

First, you have to assign the paired challenge QC6+QC8 before you can big rip (it is recommended to do this as PC4, while assigning PCs 1, 2, and 3 as some combination of the other six QCs and already complete). Big Rips will function as the Paired Challenge 6+8, which means Infinity and Time Dimensions are disabled, Dimensional Boosts and Normal Galaxies are disabled, and your study tree is reset. However, by getting enough antimatter, you can exit Big Rip for Space Shards. You can immediately start grinding for Space Shards for powerful upgrades. When Big Ripping for the first time, you will get "To the new dimension!".

At first, for the first few upgrades, it may be advantageous to do faster big rips, so you can gain small amounts of space shards faster to collect the first few upgrades. Once you are able to use the time study tree with 5 free time theorems, aim for time study 31 first. As you continue collecting early upgrades, you'll be able to gain more big rip progress and more time theorems inside of big rips. Once you get to the first three-way split, choose the normal dimension path (the other two, obviously, will affect nothing). It should be fairly easy to earn the first 10 big rip upgrades, as they only cost very little and are easy to grind towards. The 4th upgrade is a very useful upgrade, as it will help in long runs by multiplying IP gain based on replicanti, and dividing the interval by 10 (10x), making it 10 times faster.

NOTE: You don't actually have to get all the 10 big rip upgrades, as upgrade 9 makes upgrades 3 and 5-8 useless. Grinding for 300 space shards is faster than grinding for the upgrades between 5-8, even though most of the upgrades from 5-8 are useless anyways because you can't get a lot of progress without upgrade 9 and 10, which nullify most of the upgrades.

The next upgrade, however, takes some time. You need to collect 3 billion space shards to buy it, which takes a while. By this point, you'll have dilation unlocked. also, if you want to boost your EP in a big rip, you'll need to start doing occasional runs of Eternity Challenge 10. Here's why: EC10 disables infinity and time dimensions (just like big rips), but gives a multiplier to normal dimensions based on infinities, so it actually is a boost. You can start doing EC10 runs after e200 EP, do them when you think you can squeeze in a lot of EP. However, you should never exit the challenge normally, as you will risk all your replicanti as the study tree is reset. Instead, enter a dilation run and exit out of it. You will receive the EP, and be able to run the challenge again. If you have less than e200 EP, you should do runs of EC6, as its disadvantage disables galaxies but improves replicanti galaxies. As you are unable to get galaxies pre-Break Eternity, it has no effective downside unless you haven't 9th big rip upgrade but have 8th.

During the grind to 3e9 Space Shards, some dilation upgrades won't be worth it, however, time theorem generation, replicanti increases faster based on DT, and eternity and dilated time synergy will be somewhat useful. There's not much to say here, although this run can last for a small amount of time if you are active. Basically, this section is repeating the earlier sections of the game, only in harsher conditions because of PC6+8. However, this shouldn't take you too long.

Anyway, once you can quantum for 3 billion space shards (you should eventually be able to, even if it takes 2 days), buy the next big rip upgrade. After that point, it should only take a few runs to buy the 12th big rip upgrade.

Once this is done, it's time to grind up to 1e1215 eternity points. Use EC10 to boost EP gain. Also be sure to do dilated runs with time study 323, it's very effective and will boost your TP significantly over its starting value. Once you make it to 1e1215 EP, you can Break Eternity.

Breaking Eternity enables Time Dimensions again, as well as normal galaxies (though their scaling is harsher than they would be normally). When you eternity (provided you are not in EC10, which still disables time dimensions), you gain eternal matter based on how many time shards you had on eternity. You need at least 1 billion time shards to collect the first eternal matter. There are seven break eternity upgrades you can buy with eternal matter, one of which is a repeatable EP multiplier (1e9x EP/purchase).

Keep purchasing Big Rip and Break Eternity upgrades. As you do this, you'll eventually start purchasing TDs 5-8, which will each significantly boost EM gain. This may take a few hours to get, but you will immediately get much more EM. At this point, you should have big rip upgrades up to 16, and all but the 6th break eternity upgrade. You should have at least 1e22/10 Sx SS, along with 1e40+ EM.

Now, it's time to grind up eternal matter for the 6th upgrade. 1e48 might seem like a lot, but it isn't that bad. After a long run, you'll slowly get to 1e48 EM. After this, it's time to get the last big rip upgrade. This can take a while, and it is recommended to undo big rip several times in between so you can get a boost from your increasing amount of unspent space shards, if you ever reach a point where you feel you can no longer progress at a steady rate and can gain a lot of space shards. Eventually you'll be able to buy it, and save some space shards for some upgrades. Upgrade 17 will activate upgrade 1, but make it 2.9 times stronger, causing Normal Dimensions to produce a significantly greater amount of antimatter. You'll get a lot more SS and EM after this point.

During this time, you should be able to finish all row 19 achievements. Here are some tips for some of them.(I recommend complete ALL before row 18 achievement and We can really afford 9 before ghostify, because after ghostify need take longer to complete it, and you may need less quantums to make ghostify faster)

  • "We can really afford 9":(undo big rip with exactly 9 galaxies,9 replicated galaxies and 9 fourth time dimensions)After break eternity, turn off replicated galaxies, time dimensions after third autobuyer and set galaxy autobuyer(max galaxies) to 9, then buy 9 fourth time dimensions and crunch until you have under 9 replicated galaxies.(after ghostify this will be harder, complete ASAP.)
  • "Time Immunity":(reach 1e80,000,000 antimatter in EC7 and big rip with 1 galaxy)This will be possible in after 1e33 SS upgrade.
  • "You're not really smart.":(reach 1e215 time shard without study 11)This will be possible in after 1e33 SS upgrade with long grinding.
  • "And so your life?":(reach 1e350,000 IP without normal EP multi, time studies while dilated in big rip)May need higher dilated time to boost IP gain
  • "Really?":(this one in row 20, but now possible complete in pre-break eternity session - e308.25, undo big rip with least 1e100,000 matter):Do a normal run and wait, reach 1e100,000 matter than undo big rip. Note: matter can exceed antimatter, you can do it in just first big rip, but make take longer

Once you have at least 1e33 SS and 1e69 EM, you can finally start pushing towards Ghostify. The antimatter goal is 1e164,092,500, which can be achieved in a reasonable amount of time, given that you have been prepared and have all upgrades.

1e33 Space Shards: Ghostify

By reaching the antimatter requirement of 1e164,092,500 during a Big Rip run, you will unlock the ability to Ghostify. Ghostify will reset all progress up to that point, and you can get a new currency out of them, Ghost Particles. When you ghostify for the first time, more confirmations will have shown up, but clearly you know what you're doing if you've made it this far. A message will appear on the screen when you have reached the antimatter goal, which is when you can ghostify.


  • Make sure that you have gotten every single achievement possible up to row 20. However, most achievements in later rows do not have rewards, so this isn't exactly necessary.
  • Do all the Paired Challenges (might be helpful in the future)
  • Get 1 GHP for the 1st ghostify (because 2 GHP is not worth waiting for, you'll see why later).

Once you go past the confirmations, a new animation will show up, and you will earn the achievement "Kee-hee-hee!" that will make all quantum mechanics unlock requirement only cost TT, Nanofield is 3x faster until you reach 16 rewards, you keep assign options (for quantum), and get 1 8th TD in Big Rips (and gain the 100x TT production from "To the new dimension!"). Performing a ghostify will unlock access to the Ghostify tab.

Note: If you gain 2 GHP in first ghostify, don't spent it to 5x neutrino upgrade.

In the Ghostify tab, the first thing you'll see right away is Neutrinos. The other tabs are Automator Ghosts for automating parts of Quantum, Brave Milestones, which is a different version of milestones; The less quantums you have when you Ghostify, the more milestones you'll unlock. You'll need to focus on getting Brave Milestones soon, as they'll be useful for getting more out of less quantums. Lastly, there is Ghostly Photons, but the section is locked for now, so don't worry about it.

Right away, you have already produced neutrinos. These will be generated when you gain 1 normal galaxy, and the neutrino type generated will switch every quantum, if you want to farm this, turn on crunch autobuyer and set it to 0.15 second(with 0.1s galaxy and 0.05s dimboost, also with 3600s quantum on after all brave milestone). Currently, you are generating electron neutrinos, which will increase the amount of TP gained by increasing the formula exponent, speeding up Time Dilation. Other neutrinos will be available later, but they don't have a boost yet. The more galaxies you buy, the more neutrinos you'll get to use to be spent on upgrades, and the amount generated can be increased by purchasing the 5x more neutrinos upgrade for Ghostly Particles. You should grind for neutrinos as the upgrades will be very helpful, but their cost will be deducted using all your neutrinos, meaning you'll get a slight performance nerf (this won't really hinder progress). You have only 1 ghostly particle right now, so you cannot afford any upgrades costing ghostly particles yet, but you will get more on the next ghostify.

You will want to get at least the 200x quantumed milestone, because the quality of life obtained from that milestone will significantly decrease the quantum amount necessary. (usavictor: I went for 100x quantumed milestone first, but that took around 20 days. You should at least go for 175x-200x, it is less difficult than 100x quantumed milestone). 150x can also be doable. If you ever think you will mess up your quantumed amount, export your save and paste it in a word document or pastebin or anything like that, then import the save if necessary.

For now, keep progressing as you would when you would quantum for the second time.(You only need start EC3,5-8 and 12 5 times, because EC11 will complete for every EC12 complete, also EC1,2,10 once to make study tree farther - e308.25) It is significantly different, as you have more buffs from achievements you got before you ghostified. Make sure you check if some autobuyers in some sections have been disabled, as autobuyers such as the IP multiplier autobuyer may have been disabled and you'll need to retoggle them again so that you progress normally. Upon your second quantum, you should have at least the 3 hours/6 hours speedrun milestone.

Because of the time theorem boost and most requirements for quantum features are now removed, you can just buy them whenever you can. This means you should buy new features as soon as possible. When you always get a significant increase in your quarks and quark gain is getting slower, go quantum. Buy electrons and get everything up to and including the 5 second quantum speedrun, then start pushing towards QCs/PCs. Use the original paired challenges guide to your advantage to help you (they may take up too many quantums if you don't). At this point, you should probably have trillions of quarks, which is enough to beat the quantum challenges and paired challenges with the neutrino bonus, and some neutrino upgrades. Grind some of the neutrinos if you haven't (specifically electron neutrinos), it'll help later.

Replicants and Emperor Dimensions are in the period of quark grinding,you may grind neutrino to get 2nd neutrino upgrade, which hatch instantly now, which will take up a small amount of time but make EDs reach its cap a lot faster . After that, you have Nanofield, the waiting game. "Blue power boosts preon charge production" will definitely help, and make sure you have built up replicants (preferably overnight) for TS401, 411, and 421, then start producing preon charge. This will only take 1-2 quantums if you plan this right, as you can start Nanofield early at ED6, it should be short nonetheless.

You may have passed Nanofield easily, but ToD is the real waiting game. ToD is still painful as in pre-Ghostify painful, and "You gain quark spins faster and all branches are faster based on your tickspeed" doesn't work until 1/1e160 T tickspeed (most likely after e900-e1000 quarks/all brave milestones, so you can only use it in late ToD). This means that ToD will take up some amount of quantums and time. You will need to start using the quark automation setup 101/100/98 so that you can unstabilize as much as you can (only unstabilize if unstable quarks are low/0). Once you get the e570 gluon upgrade, it will be less painful. As usual, grind spins for upgrades and then when you run out, go quantum. Then, always unstabilize the spins that remain after you quantum, and then set the quarks with the automation setup (distribute all, auto: OFF). This should take a few days, but you'll eventually make it to e800+ QK. When you get TP gain formula exponent level 7-8, the neutrino upgrade will start working and you will get spins a lot faster(since the upgrade boosts both spin gain and Tod speed, which is a ^2 boost to final spin gain). After buying more tree upgrades, you should grind neutrinos and finally spend all your time in big rip.(should buy all possible upgrade until have 30x quantumed milestone before enter big rip)

Big Rip is the last stretch, and is a more calmer section because all big rips don't count towards your quantumed stat. This means that if you spend most of your time in Big Rip, you are basically guaranteed to get the milestone. This is faster than pre-Ghostify, but is still mostly slow, especially in Break Eternity. When you eventually reach 1e164 M antimatter, DON'T ghostify for 1 GHP. Instead, get 2 GHP (1e188 M antimatter), which only takes a couple hours more after you get 1e164 M antimatter. If the end is taking too long, grinding infinities inside EC10 can help. Refreshing may also boost your antimatter total. Once you can get 2 GHP, ghostify and then buy the new neutrino boost that boost replicanti.

In third ghostify, if you managed to get 175x quantumed milestone, use 1:1:1 on auto distribute radio instead because color quark don't cancel,

You should have about 4.4 automator charge (estimate, have 1e1200 quark and 1e38 space shard in last ghostify) I recommend ghostify with over 1e40 SS

You can use automator charge to auto branch upgrade ghost(2) and auto tree upgrade ghost(2) if haven't beat 100x quantumed milestone.

If you beat 100x quantumed milestone, you will no longer lose all quark when gain unstable quark, use Auto Unstabilize Ghost on any color(1), Auto-Unstabilize Rotate Ghost(1) and auto branch upgrade ghost/auto tree upgrade ghost(2), set Auto Unstabilize Ghost to every second

If you have 4.5 automator charge also use auto QK multi ghost

try to get least 25x quantumed milestone,Get 2(or 3) GHP and buy 5x neutrino gain upgrade.


Getting the Brave Milestones afterwards should be an easy feat. You should be able to get more milestones and eventually make it to 1x quantumed. (0x quantumed is even possible even though it is not a milestone, I've done it myself - usavictor)

After getting all Brave Milestones, your main priority is now to grind GHP. You will be able to start buying more of the neutrino upgrades as you progress. Eventually, your progress should really start accelerating. Now, the next grindy part is for e35 GHP and e55 Neutrinos. Each Ghostify should start with some basic quark progress and eternity grinding outside of Big Rip, a short Big Rip for nanofield and ToD upgrades, a normal quantum for more quark progress and eternities, and a long Big Rip for GHP. Eventually, you will reach e35 GHP and get the next neutrino boost. However, you then need to reach e55 Neutrinos. You will need a lot of neutrino multipliers to get this, preferably at minimum around e45x worth.

Once you have the e55 Neutrino upgrade, your progress will accelerate a lot. You will be able to make it to e70 GHP without too much trouble. During these runs, you will be able to start getting Radioactive Decays, which reset your branch, boost the power of the first branch upgrade, and nerf the second branch upgrade. These will accelerate your progress even further. Unfortunately, you will then hit The Photons Wall.

To unlock Ghostly Photons, you will need e6,000,000,000 AM in Big Rip. This is very difficult. You will ideally want 4 neutrino multipliers per Ghostify, but your ghostifies will begin taking longer and longer as you progress. Around e85 GHP, you will be able to start getting 2 Radioactive Decays for each branch after waiting a long time. 2-3 of these longer Ghostifies will push you to Photons. If you have around e90 GHP when attempting the final long Ghostify, you should be in a good position. Eventually, after a very long time, you will finally reach e6 B and unlock Ghostly Photons.

During this time, you should be able to finish all row 20 achievements. Here are some tips for some of them.

  • "We can really afford 9":(undo big rip with exactly 9 galaxies,9 replicated galaxies and 9 fourth time dimensions)Do the same process as pre-ghostify, but in EC10 to disable TD production. - C16946986
  • "Finite Time":(Get 1e33 SS without breaking eternity)This will disable all break eternity upgrade, like you gain more SS based on EP/EP & EM,You may farm Eternity Point and start EC10.
  • "But I don't want to grind!":(Get 21st Nanofield reward without tree upgrade)Turn off auto-tree upgrade ghost and wait(use 401/411/421)
  • "Will it be enough?":(Reach 1e36,000,000 replicanti)Farm neutrino and leaving about a day.
  • "Please answer me why you are dying.":(Reach 1e950,000 IP in big rip while dilated,without Time Studies,EP multi and break eternity)Same of "And so your life?" but without Break Eternity EP multi upgrade and break eternity and farm neutrino too.(It will be easy if you unlock ghostly photons. - e308.25)


1e90 Ghost Particles: Ghostly Photons

After a long and boring grind in Big Rip, you will finally reach 1e6,000,000,000 antimatter and unlock Ghostly Photons. You will also get an achievement "Progressing like a ghost", which gives some QoL features with 1% of gluon gain per second and keep TP in big rip. You will also unlock new upgrades in Big Rip, Break Eternity and Neutrino upgrades, but you can't afford them now.

In Ghostly Photons, you can generate Ghostly Photon(GPH) (in Big Rip) or Dark Matter(DM) (not in Big Rip) based on your dilated time. Ghostly Photons produce Ghostly Ray(GR), while Dark Matter increase Ghostly Ray cap. When you get enough ghostly ray, you can get color light for bonus.

Ideally, you will want e480 DT in Big Rip and e930 DT outside of Big Rip.

When you unlock it, you'll want to get some ghostly photons in your current big rip.(Around 10 ray/s is enough for now.) After that, you need to spend time outside big rip for dark matter.(Dark matter production is slow at the beginning, so it takes some time.) You need 12800 Ghostly Ray for the first red light. After getting this, the TP bonus to the DT production will be boosted by ^1.15(from ^1.1 to ^1.165), giving ~e40 more dilated time. It will be faster to get the next light. After that, you should be able to get the 1e125 neutrino upgrade(100 RG upgrade doesn't nerf 100 BR upgrade), get ~e200 boost on meta dimensions.

In this section, you'll want to spend more time outside of big rip for dark matter (to get more ghostly ray).

Slowly get more dark matter to increase ghostly ray cap and get more color light. Each color light boost the color before it, so you'll want to get more color. Orange light reduce nanofield reward threshold, so whenever you get big bonus on it, enter Big Rip and farm nanofield. Yellow light make electron softcap starts later.(It's like a number add to electron power because you have a lot more electrons than the softcap.) It can also give a huge boost to Orange because it is cheap(x1.5 per level). You may be able to get 1e160 neutrino upgrade now. Get it for a ~e30 boost to neutrinos.

However, after a while, you will reach 302,500 galaxies and get "Ghostly Galaxies". Ghostly galaxies are so spooky that they will make your other galaxies really scared(maybe), exponentially increasing their scaling speed. This will make it a lot harder to get more galaxies.

In this section, your runs should be like this: a short normal run for some neutrinos, a middle run in big rip for GPH and farm nanofield, a long run for DM until you get a few more light, and a long big rip run for TP and GHP. Don't forget to do EC10 except during have 7th non repeatable upgrade and not have 8th break eternity upgrade, as EC10 becomes better than a normal run for EP again thanks to the DT boost. At ~e180 GHP, you can get e145 SS and get one of the big rip upgrade "SS boost spin gain". After that, get ~e185 GHP for the e280 neutrino upgrade "Faster nanofield based on rewards", which gives ~1.3x nano speed until 90. It allows you to get 4~5 more rewards, but also makes anti-energy a problem. This will allow you to push to e15 DM, which gives 1.25e9 GR, which gives your first Ultraviolet and Empowerment.

Getting a Light Empowerment will reset your light and cause you to become a ghost immediately. This means that your production will drop by a lot. However, you will get +1 on all strength boost. This is useful for you to grow back faster, and is the only way to boost Violet Light, which boosts your TD in big rip. (This is also an effective bonus for indigo light, and maybe blue light if you have enough)

The thing you need to do is to get back(or get e9 GR), or your production will be low and ghostifying doesn't help. Luckily, your best red light affect red bonus at 1/3 rate. This mean that your DT production won't drop by too low. You will feel like it is a lot faster now, as most light are boosted by a lot especially the latter ones. Keep farming until you get enough bonus. At e8 GR, your production is back and even better thanks to the new bonus for green light, which improves tree speed. This allow you to get 3 rad-decays (eternal unstable quarks) and the 1e150 SS upgrade, further boosting ToD. This should give you 1ee12 or even 1ee13 eternal unstable quarks and near e100 spins. You should be able to get a lot more GHP (possibly 20 OoMs), so when you fell like you can't get more bonus, ghostify and farm for the new Break Eternity upgrades.

Keep farming until you can get another empowerment. This is not difficult, you just need to get 2 more ultraviolet, at e10 GR. This can help you push to quantum unstable quarks. When you get 3 empowerments, you should be able to get e320 GHP and first two new break eternity upgrade. This allows you to push to Bosonic Lab.

During this time, you should be able to finish some of row 21 achievements. Here are some tips for some of them.

  • "Meta-Infinity confirmed?"(get 1.8e308 infinited stat): You need ~1e1200 DT(around blue light) and farm infinity.
  • "Underchallenged"(become a ghost with at least 1e220,000 EP without EC10): It doesn't require much strategy, but you can do it by performing a dark magic of BUG. You can do it by getting a empowerment outside big rip (as you DO have a lot of EP).
  • "Radioactive Decaying to the max!"(get 10 total radioactive decays): You need to get any branch to quantum(4 radioactive decays), which is at ~5e106 spins.
  • "Running through Big Rips"(become a ghost in 0.6 seconds): Use auto big rip ghost and auto ghostify ghost. The AM goal is not a big problem. Hold M to boost Meta dimensions (and also U if you don't have all 3 unstabilize ghost active, to boost ToD progress). Make sure you have both branch and tree upgrade ghosts active. Possible at yellow/green light.

3 Light Empowerments: Bosonic Lab

When you reach 1e10,000,000,000 ghostly unstable quarks(5 rad-decays), you will unlock Bosonic Lab.

In the Bosonic Lab, you will first see runes. You can extract infinity, eternity or quantum runes, one each time. You will want to first extract 3 infinity rune and 1 eternity rune(total spent 4 minutes with e50 Qa AM), then buy enchant 12 and go to use enchant and turn on it, to help you auto extract the runes. You should also notice Bosonic Watts and Bosonic speed. Your Bosonic speed will slowly drop, making your extracting time longer. You should exit big rip to get antimatter to increase your Watts, as your speed will keep dropping until it reaches your watts amount, and your speed can't be lower than your watts.

After getting the enchant 12 to help you, you will want to see the W&Z Bosons tab first. In the W&Z bosons, you can gather anti-preons and use them to do decay W quarks, convert W- to W+ or oscillate Z neutrinos. Decaying W quarks gives you W bosons. Turning it from an up quark to a down quark gives you W+, and from down to up gives W- instead. You gain W bonus based on your W+ amount minus W- amount, so when you get W-, you should convert it to W+ to get better bonus. W bonus boosts extracting speed, oscillating speed and bosonic antimatter speed. Oscillating Z neutrinos gives you Z bosons, boosts W decay and conversion speed.

In general, you should get a W+ boson first, as it boosts extracting. After that, get some Z bosons to improve W speed. After that, spend all your anti-preons for decaying W quarks, and don't forget to convert those W- to W+. Keep extracting and getting W+ and Z, and don't forget your other things you do before. With at least 100 W bosons(no matter + or -) and ~e45 Qa AM, you can start getting Bosonic Antimatter.


Note: after have 4th bosonic upgrade, you can use dark magic of GLITCH, turn off electron autobuyer, will get antimatter higher than sacrificed all electron of antimatter.

1e19 Bosonic Antimatter: Higgs Bosons


 ? Higgs: Graviton


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