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This is a guide for Aarex’s NG+++ modification of Antimatter Dimensions. The game can be found at .

To play in NG+++ mode, there are two options available. If you have beaten regular Antimatter Dimensions (which you should if you haven’t) you can import your save from regular AD. to do this, first go to, import your save there, export it back again, go to the first link above, and import it there. You will get a prompt to convert the save to NG+++ mode; accept.

Alternatively, just go to options, select load, hit the NG++ button twice, and press “new save”. This will start at the very beginning of NG+++. You will have to play through a (much-sped-up) version of regular AD first. This guide will not cover this phase; most of the strategies of normal AD still apply.

With that out of the way, let’s begin!

1e19-1e39 DT: The Starting Grind

Okay, if you have a normal endgame save, you should have at least e4000 EP and 1e18-1e19 DT. At first, you may wonder what’s changed. There are some changes in other tabs (look at the bottom of the study tree and the milestones tab if you want), but the most important change is under dilation.

There are 3 new dilation upgrades to get. The first one gives more TP, (and is an repeatable upgrade). You can probably buy it 3 times already. Specifically, the TP gain formula usually involves an exponent of 1.5; this goes up by 0.25 with each purchase of the upgrade. After doing this, you should do another dilated run to get more TP.

The other two upgrades cost 1e20 and 1e25 DT respectively. 1e20 DT boosts replicanti growth while the 1e25 DT upgrade gives you more eternitied stat based on dilated time, and dilated time being boosted by eternities. You probably can’t afford these right now, but you will be able to soon.

From here, it really shouldn’t require much work. Alternate long runs for higher EP (while getting DT for upgrades) and dilated runs (whenever you buy a triple TP upgrade or TP formula upgrades). Make sure you buy all DT upgrades available to you whenever you can. Also, don’t forget about buying EP multipliers and time dimensions after a run for EP. If you have several DT upgrades at near the same cost, I’ve found that the TP formula is generally the most helpful, followed by triple TP and double DT.

Your main goal for now is to get 1e24 time theorems. If you click on the studies tab, you’ll see a button that says “Unlock meta dimensions” which costs 1e24 TT. Keep getting more and more DT to get more TP to boost TT production, and get more EP as well.

At some point around 1e40 DT (maybe sooner - I had just under 1e39 DT) you will have 1e24 time theorems. When this happens, click on "Unlock meta dimensions”.

By the end of this section, you should have at least around 1e39-1e40 DT, 1e24 TT, and something around e1.6B antimatter and e20k EP. The exact amounts of AM and EP really don’t matter as much here, though you should have done a fair bit of progress there.

1e39-1e100 DT: Meta Dimensions

Once you buy “Unlock meta dimensions” with 1e24 TT, you now have access to an all-new tab under Dimensions. (There’s also 4 new dilation upgrades starting at 1e50 DT, but you are not able to get them for now, so ignore them.) You’ll also get the first new achievement on row 14, for unlocking meta-dimensions.

Meta-dimensions are like regular dimensions in many ways. They cost meta-antimatter, a new currency that makes dimension boosts more effective (multiplies the power of each dimboost by meta-antimatter^8). The first meta-dimension produces meta-antimatter, while the second one produces the first and so on, up to the eighth.

For meta-dimensions, there is no equivalent of tickspeed or galaxies. However, to compensate, dilated time affects meta-dimensions (tenth root divided by 1e4). Thus, it is still important to continue increasing dilated time. Also, there are upgrades you’ll need to get before reaching the next section.

Meta-antimatter prices work pretty much the same as normal antimatter prices at the start of the game. You’ll also have to do meta-dimension shifts and boosts. So, upon buying 20 fourth meta-dimensions, buy a meta-shift. You’ll also notice a new thing called “quantum” that requires 9.32e446 meta-antimatter, which will be important later.

Keep getting more meta-dimension shifts when you can. You should be able to reach the first five easily, but you’ll probably be stuck at 5 meta-boosts for a while.

Once you get 1e50 DT, you’ll be able to buy an upgrade that multiples MDs, based on tickspeed. It’ll probably be about a 9x multiplier at this point. This should help in getting more MA, and also meta-boosts 6 and 7. Also, around this time, you should get the “Universal harmony” achievement as soon as you get 700 free dilated galaxies, by using active time studies path. With around 1e56 DT, you should be able to get the “GAS GAS GAS” achievement too, unlocking autobuyers for TDs and EP multipliers. Make sure to turn them all on!

At 1e60 DT, you get another upgrade, that makes meta-dimension multipliers higher to ^9. This upgrade is very powerful, and you should get meta-boosts 8-10 and even higher easily. Also, at around this time, you’ll pass e100k EP and ee10 AM. (e10B AM)

At 1e80 DT, you get another upgrade that makes the effect of meta-antimatter stronger. At this time, get 1 trillion eternities for "The cap is a million, not a trillion", which will significantly increase ID multiplier by using a better formula for Eternity Upgrade 2. By this time, you should also be able to get the “It will never be enough” achievement by leaving it on overnight (or going offline), which will give a helpful reward in which you can buy max replicanti galaxies with only 1 reset.

Finally, you will buy a DT boost upgrade at 1e100 DT, which will unlock Mastery Studies. (If you have looked below Meta Dimensions, there shows a mastery study portal that wouldn't unlock until you got to this point which should now be affected)

By the end of this section, you should have at least 1e100 DT and all row 14 achievements, along with 15-16 meta-boosts and around e450k EP.

1e100 DT: Mastery Studies

Click the button to continue to mastery studies at the bottom of the time studies page. This unlocks a “mastery studies” tab with 10 new time studies and 2 new ECs to complete. Now, the first mastery study (241) costs 1e71 TT, which you probably don’t have. So, you should continue more with DT upgrades.

After e100 you’ll also notice the formula and triple TP upgrade costs begin scaling much faster, further hindering your ability to get more TT for studies.

Buy 241 to make the IP multiplier upgrade better. After this, buy the studies on the next row (row 25) in order left to right. Then, buy the studies on row 26 in the order 6, 1, 5 as you can afford them. However, in dilated runs, go for 264 if you can, as it boosts TP gain. Also feel free to use 262 sometimes to get more MA, and 263 to get DT faster, especially if nearing a triple TP or formula upgrade.

When you can get four 26x, the fourth should be 263. Also, around this point get the MA amount required to quantum (use 262), so you don’t have to later. Around this time you should be getting ready to go do EC13 whenever you can afford it.

EC13 disables dimboosts for normal dimensions and IDs. To unlock it you need 728k dimboosts which should be easy enough to get. After EC13, if you are able to get ~e915k+ EP, do EC14, which disables meta dimensions and also works like old IC3. (If not you could try to get 13x2 again, but I found it hard to unlock.)

EC14 will be a grind for you, but when you finally complete it, you’ll be able to quantum, assuming you have at least 9.32e446 MA.

9.32e446 MA: Quantum

Once you have at least 9.32e446 meta antimatter, go quantum. You will lose everything you would have lost on an eternity, as well as eternity milestones and upgrades, TDs, MDs, DT, TP, and dilated upgrades. However, you will gain a quark, and you will see the quantum tab (unlocked from going quantum). Go to the quarks tab. For the first quark, it is recommended to put it in red, as it boosts the early game. The gluons tab won’t be useful for a few more runs (you will need more quarks to get gluons). Also, check the achievements tab - there’s a new “quantum speedruns” tab, which is to quantum what eternity milestones are to eternities - as your quantums get faster you unlock various Quality of Life features. You can’t do them right away, but after a few quantums, some speedruns will be possible.

Continue on with your second quantum as you had before. However, don’t quantum right away - instead wait for two quarks (at least 4.88e463 MA). (You should also be able to do more EC13s and EC14s if you want.) Then assign them to blue. This will help with DT production, and will give you the Hadronzation achievement in the next quantum.

With your third quantum, get 2 quarks, and put them in green. You will also get a red-blue gluon to spend on upgrades along with the Hadronization achievement.

After your fourth quantum, it really won’t matter all that much in what order you put quarks in, as long as you focus on getting enough for gluon upgrades. Keep going quantum until you have all 1, 2, and 4 gluon upgrades. Meanwhile, try getting speedrun milestones as well. Some rewards include: 12 hours starts you with 20k eternities (avoiding the grind to do EC1x1); 9 hours unlock TT autobuyer; 6 hours completes all ECs for you on quantum (possibly nicest reward of them all), and 4.5 hours starts you with dilation. As you get faster, you’ll gradually keep more, starting with dilation upgrades and time studies, and unlock autobuyers for the top-row dilation upgrades, MDs, and meta-boosts.

Once you have all 1/2/4 gluon upgrades, you are able to get Electrons. You should have at least some of the speedrun milestones up to this point, and have some row 15 achievements.

2e82 TT: Electrons

After getting all 1/2/4 gluon upgrades, and getting all meta dimension and meta-boost autobuyers, you can do a long run for 2e82 time theorems. You’ll then be able to purchase the “Unlock Electrons” study, the first of the new studies revealed after you quantumed.

Electrons are found under a new tab in the quantum section. To buy electrons you have to sacrifice your normal galaxies, but they turn into a certain number of electrons each (currently 2). Electrons boost your multiplier for 10 dimensions and are quite powerful. You can upgrade your electrons per galaxy using meta-antimatter, meta dimension boosts, time theorems, or dilated time.

After trying electrons, do more speedruns, and get the 100 gluon upgrades. I found the BR upgrade to be the most powerful, then GB and RG, but you can go in any order.

After getting the 100 green-blue and blue-red gluon upgrades, go for more electrons and longer runs to upgrade your electrons/galaxy (if you didn’t already). Do not buy the 100 red-green gluon upgrades until you unlock Quantum Challenges. Also, you should be able to get some row 27 and 28 studies (in row 27 I found 273 and 272 good, and in row 28 282 is better). Furthermore, go for 5 electrons per galaxy by buying another meta antimatter upgrade.

By the time you finish this section, you should have 5 electrons per galaxy and 2e84 spare TT, just in time for Quantum Challenges (specifically QC1). Also, try some more row 15 achievements; all except the last one in row 15 should be doable at around this point.

2e84 TT: Quantum Challenges

(This section is currently outdated due to balancing changes.)

Note: In this section, I will often be referring to your color powers in the r/g/b format, where r is your red power, g is your green power, and b is your blue power.

Note: Blue power sometimes isn’t really important, so you might not need to grind them to the recommended in order to beat the challenge, but you should grind all color powers regardless, if you want to.

After getting the electron and TTs needed, you’ll unlock quantum challenges. These challenges usually take a long time compared to other types of challenges, so you shouldn’t worry if it’s taking more than an hour.

QC1: For QC1, you should have at least 1e8/1e8/5e7 color power; QC1 will take about a day.

QC2: After QC1, you go try QC2 after getting at least 1e8 blue power. Red power and green power is useless in QC2 since QC2 disables galaxies. QC2 will take about 1 ½ days, but fortunately, this will be the longest a QC will take.

QC3: You should be able to try QC3 straight after QC2 assuming you have the required electron amount, you won’t need to grind any color power. QC3 is much shorter than the others; only taking about 8 hours.

QC4: QC4 should be about the same as QC3, no need to grind color powers, just electrons. It should take about the same amount of time as QC3.

QC5: QC5 is when you’ll need to start grinding color powers since it’s recommended to have at least 5e9/5e9/2e9 color power in order to attempt QC5. It shouldn’t take that long to beat QC5.

QC6: In order to get enough electrons to buy QC6, you need to get another electron upgrade, the 1e1079 MA one to be specific. After going to QC6, you’ll realize that the problem is the MA requirement, and not AM. It should take you a few hours to beat this one.

QC7: QC7 is when the real grind begins, you’ll need to grind your color powers to 1e16/1e15/2e13 (with the nerfs this may be a bit lower now, but still) A full 7 orders of magnitude over your current amount! The electron cost is no joke either, without any upgrades to boost you, it’ll take quite a bit of time to get the needed electrons. To get the color power required, you’ll need to start buying more 2x quarks upgrade, and get all the way up to the required color power. After getting enough color power, you should be able to obtain the required electrons and buy QC7. QC7 won’t take long to complete compared to other QCs.

QC8: Before the 1.9987 update, it was recommended to grind up to 1e18(!) of some quark powers before starting this one. However with the recent nerfs, I [Username5243] found that it's possible in a day with minimal grinding from the old QC7 recommendations.

QCs Completed: Paired Challenges

(This section is currently outdated due to balancing changes.)

Once you beat all Quantum Challenges, you will be able to buy "Unlock Paired Challenges" for 4e85 TT. These challenges require you to choose 2 challenges to complete in 1 challenge (which will be hard and time consuming based on which challenges you choose). However, the reward from the Paired Challenges are worth it. You will also be able to buy mastery studies below "Unlocked Paired Challenges", which are helpful in beating Paired Challenges.

There are some ways you can choose challenges for paired challenges, although these ones are most used in beating Paired Challenges. You can choose the easiest quantum challenges to challenge first, and then the hardest quantum challenges are challenged at the end, or you could do hardest first, and easiest later.

Assign these challenges to match with the table shown below:

Number Combination Cost (in electrons) Goal (in antimatter)
1 QC1 + QC3 38,400 e4,841,608,200
2 QC2 + QC5 45,000 e9,889,698,000
3 QC4 + QC6 53,100 4e191,469,525

It is optional to assign PC4 as QC7 + QC8 combined (cost: 65,600 electrons; goal: e19,577,025,000), but unfortunately, it takes 2 days to complete this challenge. Fortunately, there is a way to solve the problem.

After you beat PC3 for the first time and got 8.59e9 QK gain multiplier, you should respec paired challenges and reassign these to match the table below:

Number Combination Cost (in electrons) Goal (in antimatter)
1 QC1 + QC8 50,500 e3,241,309,500
2 QC2 + QC6 48,000 4e283,335,141
3 QC4 + QC5 50,100 e6,683,166,000
4 QC3 + QC7 53,500 e29,242,590,000

Using multiple mastery study presets also helps a lot with the challenges themselves. You should create presets for replicanti/lazy quark farming, AM, MA, and dilation. Branflakes2415 also found a strat after PC3 which he posted the explanation in NG+3 server:

"How to make PC4 not suck: After beating PC3 (using pg132’s pairings), farm quarks until 8.59e9x quark mult, then respec PCs and reassign them as PC1: 1/8 | PC2: 2/6 | PC3: 4/5 | PC4: 3/7. Using multiple mastery study presets also helps a lot with the challenges themselves- altogether this got me through PCs in a couple hours. Multiple MS presets were used for replicanti/lazy quark farming, AM, MA, and dilation."

For this PC3 if you get stuck, when your going for the needed anti-matter you should not buy mastery study 262, 263, 264, and 281 and instead buy 291, 292, 301, 303, 311, 312, and 321. Buy the rest that you can before this as well. You might be able to do without 312, 303, or 292 if you cant afford all of them.

Paired Challenges will take some time based on what you chose for these Paired Challenges. For pre-respec part, PC4 is the longest, but for post-respec part, it will have less time. Once you beat all the Paired Challenges, you are able to unlock Replicants at 6e87 TT. You will get the achievement "Twice in the row" for completing PC4. Also, you should finish off row 15 achievements by the end of this section if you haven't already.

PCs Completed: Replicants 


Upon getting 6e87 TT you can unlock replicants. Replicants gather preons. To get them you must reset your replicanti amount, with the requirement of each replicant being higher than the last. You'll also notice additional types of replicants, but you can ignore them for now.

Note of mastery studies. After unlocking replicants and getting your TT amount up a bit, it's actually recommended to give up almost all of your mastery studies. The only ones you need are 241, 251, 252, 253, 261, 265, 266, 272, 292, 302. This allows you to buy 322 and the subsequent studies more easily. Trust me: those are far more important in this section than the earlier studies.

After 322 you'll want to buy time studies on the right side, so buy 332, 343, 344 and 351 in that order. If you have enough TT you can also buy 331, 342 and 341 in that order.

Anyway, after doing this and getting your normal count of quarks up to e46, you'll be able to start buying "quantum food". You can use htis to promote normal replicants into worker replicants. Worker replicants are important because not only do they gather more preons, but they produce eggons, which eventually become baby replicants. These will eventually become normal replicants over time. You can speed up this process with quantum food, however in my experience there really isn't much use to doing this.

The main part of this section is really doing longer runs to get each successive worker replicant. Keep doing this, adding back earlier time studies if you can. Keep doing this until you reach 10 workers. You'll now be able to unlock emperor dimensions after earning the required TT.

10 Workers: Emperor Dimensions


After getting the TT requirement, you can unlock emperor dimensions. This opens up a new tab under dimensions.

You can increase the emperor dimensions you can buy by spending gluons, similar to how you increased the number of workers you could buy earlier. For emperor dimensions, wrkers are considered the first emperor dimension. The second emperor dimension produces the first, and so on all the way to the 8th. You buy them by feeding a lower emperor dimension to "promote" it to the next one. To do this you must have over 10 of the previous emperor dimension.

You also unlock 11 new time studies. The order here isn't a super big concern, however some stuides (particularly study 382) give a very large quark boost.

Keep doing runs for more quarks to get more EDs. at this point, you should be able to get to 10 ED8s and higher fairly easily, though the last few runs may be harder.

During this time you should be able to finish all row 16/17 achievements. Here are some tips for some of them.

  • "We are not going squared"/"Infinity morals": Turn off your meta-boost autobuyer, and for the latter also the 10 second speedrun reward.
  • "Old memories come true": It's best to turn off your 5th-8th autobuyers and your dimboost autobuyer. You can leave everything lse on.
  • "Seriously, I already got rid of you.": Similar to the previous achievements in this series, except you have to be in QC2. If possible build EP/TP first.
  • "Error 500": Turn off all MD autobuyers except the first MD. You'll definitely want to max TP and DT first for this one.
  • "Never make paradoxes!": Turn off your 4.5 hour speedrun. (Respec all studies first, the game doesn't return TT spent in mastery studies even though it takes the studies away.)
  • "The truth of anti-challenged": Just do a long run after respeccing PCs. I recommend doing this one right before the next achievement.
  • "The challenging day": Try as many unique PC combinations as you can. It really doesn't matter in which spot the combo is in - if it's too hard, try doing it after some other PC combinations.
  • "No dilation means no production": You'll want to use time studies 271 and 273 (preferably both of them) to maximize replicanti gain.
  • "I don't want you to live anymore": This is only possible in a run of a paired challenge as QC2+4. It's recommended to make this PC4 after doing another combination of the other PCs.

11 ED8s: Nanofield


16 rewards: Tree of Decay


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