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|Tickspeed boosts preon energy production.
|i = max(-log10(Tickspeed)/1e13-0.75,1)<sup>4</sup>But if i is bigger than 100, then i<sub>2</sub> = sqrt(100i)
The result is i or i<sub>2</sub>
|d13 (dilstudy13)
|d13 (dilstudy13)
|1e95, 16 nanofield rewards
|1e95, 16 nanofield rewards
|Unlock Tree of Decay
|Unlock Tree of Decay
|d14 (dilstudy14)
|1e98, [[Achievements|The Challenging Day]]
|Unlock Big Rip

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Mastery Studies-1

The Mastery Studies tree (as of Emperor Dimensions update)

Mastery Studies are similar to Time Studies, but for every Mastery Studies you buy, all of the other Mastery Studies prices get multiplied. To unlock Mastery Studies, you need to buy the "Unlock Meta Dimensions" for 1e24 Time Theorems and have the 1e100 dilated time upgrade.

List of Mastery Studies

Study Number Base Cost (in Time Theorems) Description Details Multiplier on Prices
241 1e71 You gain 2.2x (from 2x) more IP by buying IP mult. 1.00x
251 2e71 Remote cost scaling starts 1 galaxy later per 3,000 dimension boosts. 2.50x
252 2e71 Remote cost scaling starts 1 galaxy later per 7 free galaxies. 2.50x
253 2e71 Remote cost scaling starts 20 galaxies later per 9 extra replicated galaxies. 2.50x
261 5e71 Dimensional boost costs scale by another 1 less. 6x
262 5e71 Dimensional boosts affect Meta Dimensions at a reduced rate. max(((Dimensional boosts)/15000-19),1) 6x
263 5e71 Meta-dimension boosts affect dilated time production. (Meta-dimension boosts)+1 6x
264 5e71 You gain more tachyon particles based on your galaxies. 2*(((Galaxies)+1)0.25 6x
265 5e71 You can buy replicate chance intervals over 100%. 6x
266 5e71 Post-400 max replicated galaxy cost scaling reduced. 6x
e13 1e72 Eternity Challenge 13
e14 1e72 Eternity Challenge 14
271 2.74e76 You can buy beyond 1ms interval upgrades but the cost starts to increase faster. Studies from this row on can only be seen if you quantumed at least once. 2x
272 2.74e76 Pick all paths on all 3-way splits in time studies. 2x
273 2.74e76 Replicate chance is massively increased. 2x
281 6.86e76 Replicanti multiplier boosts DT production at a greatly reduced rate. 10((log10(Replicanti multiplier)^0.25)/10) 4x
d8 (dilstudy8) 2e84, 1.69e4 electrons Unlock Quantum Challenges
282 6.86e76 Replicanti multiplier boosts Meta Dimensions at a greatly reduced rate. 10((log10(Replicanti multiplier)^0.25)/15) 4x
d9 (dilstudy9) 4e85, QC8 completed Unlock Paired Challenges
291 2.14e77 You gain 1% of your EP gained on eternity each second. This section of mastery studies will unlock when you unlock paired challenges. 1x
292 2.14e77 You can gain tachyon particles without disabling dilation. 1x
301 4.29e77 Remote cost scaling starts 1 galaxy later per 4.45 extra replicated galaxies. 2x
302 2.68e78 Pick all time studies before mastery studies. Allows you to buy all the time studies up to 241 (the game will automatically buy them for you). 131,072x
d10 (dilstudy10) 4e87, PC4 completed Unlock Replicants
303 4.29e77 Meta Dimensions are stronger based on your galaxies. 4.7(log10(max((Galaxies),1))^1.5) 2x
311 4.29e77 Replicanti multiplier to Infinity Dimensions is 17.3x stronger. 64x
312 4.29e77 Meta-dimension boosts are 4.5% stronger and costs scale by 1 less. 64x
321 4.29e77 If the multiplier per ten dimensions does nothing, it actually multiplies dimensions by 1e430x. Originally: If not dilated, replicanti greatly boosts Normal Dimensions as 1200x strong. 2x
322 4.29e77 Tickspeed boosts DT production at a greatly reduced rate. Studies from this row on can only be seen if you have unlocked Replicants.


i = sqrt(log10(-(Tickspeed)/10000))/20000

But if i is bigger than 110, then i2 = sqrt(27.5i)+55

The result is 10^(i or i2)

323 4.29e77 Cancel dilation penalty for Normal Dimensions boost from replicanti. 2x
331 3.41e81 Dimension Supersonic scaling start 340,000 later and increases cost slower by 3 less. 2x
332 9.04e76 You gain replicanti faster based on your normal galaxies. 2x
341 1.93e81 Preons boost DT production at reduced rate. 2log10(sqrt((Replicant quarks)+1)) 1x
342 2.89e81 All replicanti galaxies are stronger and use the same formula. 1x
343 7.54e78 Free galaxies are as strong as a normal replicated galaxy. 1x
344 5.02e78 Replicated galaxies are more effective based on your preons. 1+0.17(log10(1+((Replicant quarks)/1e7))0.25) 1x
351 1.21e80 Time Shards boosts all Meta Dimensions. (Time shards)1.4e-8 4x
d11 (dilstudy11) 3e90, 10 worker replicants Unlock Emperor Dimensions
361 1.59e79 Hatch speed is faster based on your tachyon particles. Studies from this row on can only be seen if you have unlocked Emperor Dimensions.


(Tachyon particles)0.01824033924212366

362 1.59e79 Reduce the softcap for replicant quark boost. 1x
371 2.12e79 Hatch speed is faster based on your extra replicated galaxies. (1+(Extra replicated galaxies))0.3 1x
372 6.62e79 Hatch speed is faster based on your time shards. 1+(sqrt(log10(1+(Time shards)))/20) 2x
373 2.12e79 Replicants gather more quarks based on your galaxies. (1+(Extra replicated galaxies))0.55 1x
381 6.62e79 Hatch speed is faster based on your tickspeed reduction multiplier. 1+(log10(Tickspeed reduction)/(-135)) 1x
382 6.62e79 Eighth Dimensions boost Meta Dimensions. (Eighth Dimensions)3.14159265... 1x
383 6.62e79 Blue power boosts Meta Dimensions. 3200log10(1+(Blue power))^0.25 2x
391 8.28e79 Hatch speed is faster based on your meta-antimatter. (Meta-antimatter)8e-4 1x
392 8.28e79 Gathered quarks boost all Emperor Dimensions. 1.6sqrt(log10(1+(Replicant quarks))) 1x
d12 (dilstudy12) 3e92, 10 ED8 Unlock Nanofield
393 8.28e79 Workers boost Meta Dimensions. This section of mastery studies will unlock when you unlock Nanofield.



401 4.97e80 The production of preon anti-energy is slower based on your preons. (1+(preons)/1e28)0.2 1e20x
402 8.28e80 Emperor Dimensions and hatch speed are faster by 25x. 1e20x
411 1.32e61 The production of preon energy is faster based on your replicants. (1+(replicants)/1e24)0.2 1x
412 1.66e61 Preon effect is 25% stronger. 1x
421 1.99e62 Tickspeed boosts preon energy production. i = max(-log10(Tickspeed)/1e13-0.75,1)4But if i is bigger than 100, then i2 = sqrt(100i)

The result is i or i2

d13 (dilstudy13) 1e95, 16 nanofield rewards Unlock Tree of Decay
d14 (dilstudy14) 1e98, The Challenging Day Unlock Big Rip
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