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This article contains no information from the future update, New Game Plus 3 Respecced. You can help it by editing.

Meta Dimensions.

Meta Dimensions are a feature added in NG++ and NG+++. To unlock Meta Dimensions, you must buy the time study "Unlock Meta Dimensions" with 1e24 Time Theorems. First Meta Dimensions produce meta-antimatter, and your best ever meta-antimatter boosts dimension boosts by x8 (or x9 after the e80 DT upgrade, or as high as x10 depending on the completions of eternity challenge 13, and even higher with second nanofield reward(based on tier) and 8th tree upgrade(based on best MA in this quantum and current level)). Each subsequent meta-dimension produces the one before it. There are a total of 8 meta-dimensions. They are bought with meta-antimatter.

Info about Meta Dimension Boosts

Meta-dimension boosts (and shifts) reset your meta-antimatter and meta-dimensions, but provide a multiplier to all meta-dimensions, just like normal dimension boosts. When you first unlock meta-dimensions, you will only have four available, but can gain more by meta-dimension shifting, up to four times. Each shift requires 20 of the highest dimension you have. after this, you can start meta-boosting, with the first costing 20 eighth meta-dimensions, and each subsequent one costs 15 eighth more, until it reaches 185 (the 10th boost), where it starts increasing by 20, meta-dimension boost reset on quantum, but they not reset if have 50x quantumed milestone and not enter quantum challenge/undo big rip.

Meta Dimension costs

The cost starts to scale faster once the cost reaches 1e1100. After scaling, let x be bought 10s after scaling starts. The cost is multiplied by 10^((x+1)(x+2)/2) in addition to the normal scaling.

Initial Cost Initial Cost Mult Amount for faster increase
1st 10 1e3 3670
2nd 100 1e4 2750
3rd 1e4 1e5 2200
4th 1e6 1e6 1830
5th 1e9 1e8 1370
6th 1e14 1e10 1090
7th 1e18 1e12 910
8th 1e24 1e15 720


To go quantum, you need 9.32e446 (infinity^1.45) meta-antimatter but you also need to complete EC14 at least once, which should be a breeze because you should have been able to complete it, if it was already unlocked.