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Category Name Starts at Effect Reach at around
Dimension Boost

Dimension Supersonic


(0 in QC5 and 900,000 with study 331)

Price increase is increased by 4(20 in QC5 and reduce by 3 with study 331) every 4000 supersonic

1e80-1e90 Dilated Time

Dark Matter Galaxy

1,400 Make Distant Galaxy starts 0.2 earlier per Dark Matter galaxy 1e80-1e90 Dilated Time
Ghostly Galaxy 302,500

(5,500 in big rip)

Make all galaxy scaling worse.(Each galaxy will count as more galaxies when calculating the scaling, includes Distant, Remote and Dark Matter Galaxy)

The mult for scaling is 2^$ \frac{Galaxy+1-Ghostlystart}{1e4*BluePhotonPower} $, raise to the power of 55 in big rips.

Early/Mid Ghostify
Replicanti Interval <1ms interval upgrade less than 1ms with MS271 The cost become 1e800^(10/9) beyond 1ms.

The cost is raised to the power of 10/9 per upgrade after that.

Electron(because study unlock at this session)
Replicanti Galaxy

Post 400 Replicanti Galaxy


(398 with MS266)

Without MS266, price increase('s exponent) is increased by:


With MS266, price increase('s exponent) is increased by:


1e25-1e30 Dilated Time

Distant Replicanti Galaxy


(shown as 3,000)

Price increase('s exponent) is increased by:


Quantum Challenge 5/6 completed

Ghostily Replicanti Galaxy


(shown as 58,200)

Price increase('s exponent) is increased by:


Early/Mid Ghostify
Time Dimensions Post e2e4/e3e5 Time Dimensions Cost TD 1-4: 1e20,000

TD 5-8: 1e300,000

The cost is multiplied by:

TD1-4: 1e1000^$ (\frac{log_{10}cost}{1000}-20)^2 $

TD5-8: 1e1000^$ (\frac{log_{10}cost}{1000}-300)^2 $

1e30-1e35/1e80-1e90 Dilated Time
Dilation upgrades Time Theorem from Tachyon Particles 1e80 TP

(5e75 TT/s)


$ \frac{10^{80+\sqrt{5*log_{10}{TP}-375}-5}}{2e4} $

have all of 2 or 4 or before gluon upgrade
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