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Neutrinos are a feature unlocked after becoming a ghost. There are 3 types of neutrinos: Electron Neutrinos, Muon Neutrinos and Tau Neutrinos.

At first, you gain 1 Electron Neutrino for every normal galaxy that you gain. The number of neutrinos that you gain per galaxy can be increased by purchasing upgrades. The type of neutrino that you gain changes every Quantum, going from Electron to Muon to Tau and then back to Electron.

Neutrino boosts

You can spend GHP to buy neutrino boosts, which give a boost based on your neutrinos.

Notice that each type of neutrino affects all boosts with equal logarithmic scaling, making spreading out your neutrino gains between all 3 more beneficial than focusing on only 1.Note: in the following formulas, we have:

$ B_1=log_{10}ElectronNeurtino+log_{10}MuonNeurtino+log_{10}TauNeurtino $

$ B_2=(log_{10}ElectronNeurtino)^2+(log_{10}MuonNeurtino)^2+(log_{10}TauNeurtino)^2 $

$ Bl_5=(log_{5}(log_{10}ElectronNeurtino-5))^2+(log_{5}(log_{10}MuonNeurtino-5))^2+(log_{5}(log_{10}TauNeurtino-5))^2 $

Cost Boost Formula
1 Increases TP gain formula exponent. +$ 0.75*log_{10}(B_1+1) $
2 Makes MS273(replicate chance boosts itself) stronger. Add $ 1.5*B_2^{0.25} $ to the boost exp(normally 5)
4 Increases hardcap of 14th dilation upgrade.(Meta dimension shifts, boosts, and per-ten upgrades are boosted by dilated time) $ (\frac{Bl_5}{3})^{0.25}+3 $
6 Strengthens "Infinite Time" reward. x$ 1+0.07*B_2^{0.25} $

Over 10:x$ 6+log_{2}(boost+6) $

15 Reduces 130% red power boost nerf strength. $ B_1/33 $, cap at 1(where the nerf is disabled)

(See Quantum page for more details about how this work.)

50 Slows down Distant Antimatter Galaxies effect.(nerfed in Big Rip runs) /$ 1+0.525*B_2^{0.25} $

In big rip:^0.5

1000 Makes Tree Upgrades stronger in Big Rips. Tree upg level for formula x$ 1+2.35*\sqrt{B_1} $
1e14 Boosts first Big Rip upgrade strength in Big Rips. ^$ 1+0.1*B_2^{0.25} $

Over 11:$ 7+log_{2}(boost+5) $

1e35 Boosts IC3 reward strength in Big Rips. Mult per galaxy x$ 0.1*B_1 $

Over 4096:$ (log_{2}(boost+4))^3 $

1e900 Reduces free tickspeed upgrade threshold multiplier. -$ (B_1-3000)/75e4 $

Neutrino upgrades:

You can purchase Neutrino upgrades with any type of neutrinos. Buying one will cost you a certain amount of neutrinos in total without changing the ratio between neutrinos. You start with four unlocked, and then unlock a new one each time you Ghostify starting from third, up to a total of 12 upgrades. There are also 3 more upgrades unlocked at some point in time.

Require Effect Cost Note/Formula
1 Ghostify Meta-Dimension Boosts cost less.(constant in Big Rip runs) 1e6 -(110-MDB), min 0, in big rips always -110
1 Ghostify Eggons hatch instantly and workers do not consume others. 1e7 NA
1 Ghostify Blue power boosts preon charge production. 1e8 $ (1+\frac{log_{10}BluePower}{250})^2 $
1 Ghostify You gain quark spins faster and all branches are faster based on your tickspeed. 2e8 $ 20^{\sqrt[4]{\frac{log_{10}Tickspeed}{4e13}-4}} $
3 Ghostifies You gain 3x more electrons. 5e8 NA
4 Ghostifies Disables Remote Antimatter Galaxy scaling! 2e9 NA
5 Ghostifies Green power boosts odd Emperor Dimensions and preon charge production. 5e9 $ 10^{\frac{log_{10}GreenPower}{400}} $

Past e1.6e4 green power(e40 boost):$ 10^{20+\sqrt{\frac{log_{10}GreenPower}{40}}} $

6 Ghostifies Disable meta-antimatter boost nerf to quark gain. 7.5e9 Disable the nerf past e738 QK base.
7 Ghostifies Eternities and space shards boost each other. 1e10 ^0.1 boost to each other.

Also reactivate 8th BR upgrade using a dark magic called BUG.

8 Ghostifies Banked eternities are counted in Big Rips. 7e12 NA
9 Ghostifies 8th Big Rip upgrade is never repealed or capped. 1e18 NA
10 Ghostifies In Big Rips, each galaxy type boost differently.

Normal Galaxy: quark spin production

Replicated Galaxy: EC14 reward

Free Galaxy: IC3 reward

(You can hover to see your current effects)

1e55 Normal Galaxy boost:$ \sqrt{1+0.0035*Galaxy} $

Replicated Galaxy boost:$ 1+0.035*\sqrt{ReplGalaxy} $

Free Galaxy boost:$ 1+0.035*FreeGalaxy $

Ghostly Photon unlock 100 RG upgrade doesn't nerf 100 BR upgrade. 1e125 100 BR upgrade use normal electron power(without using the 30% weaker from 100 RG).
Ghostly Photon unlock Gain more neutrinos based on your GHP and color powers. 1e160 $ (log_{10}GHP)^{1+0.8\sqrt[3]{TotalColorPower}} $
Ghostly Photon unlock Nanofield is faster based on your rewards. 1e280 $ 2^{\frac{Reward}{2.5}} $

Past 90 rewards:$ 2^{\frac{\sqrt{Reward*90}}{2.5}} $

Repeatable neutrino upgrades

Upgrade Base Cost Cost Increase Cost Increase^2
You gain 5x more neutrinos 2 GHP x4 N/A
You gain 2x more GHP 1.25e10 Neutrinos x25 x25 from level 86
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