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This article contains no information from the future update, New Game Plus 3 Respecced. You can help it by editing.

Quantum is the 5th Prestige Mechanic and the 3rd Prestige Layer of NG+++ after Infinity and Eternity. It resets everything that precedes it, but you will gain quarks (QK) in return.



When you go Quantum, you can gain quarks based on your meta-antimatter.(Except your first quantum, which always gives 1 QK.) The formula can be seen below.

Quarks can be assigned to be a red, green, or blue quark, each generating its own specific color power. Red power increases galaxy efficiencies, green power increases extra replicanti galaxies, and blue power increases dilated time production. Note: You can only gain color power of one color at a time, whichever one has the most quarks. The amount you gain of that color power per second is equal to the number of that color quarks minus your second highest quarks. For example, if you have one red, three green, and two blue quarks, you will gain 1 green color power per second(3 green quarks(your highest) - 2 blue quarks(your second highest).

When you reach 1.79e308 quarks, you get 3 QoL features: Quantum autobuyer modes, assign all and auto-assignment.

QK formula

BaseQKGain=10QKExp, while


Table of quark gain for pre-16:

Quarks gained Meta antimatter requirement Quarks gained Meta antimatter requirement
1 9.32e446 9 3.87e646
2 4.88e463 10 2.51e659
3 9.86e512 11 9.77e670
4 9.48e547 12 3.72e681
5 1.29e575 13 2.01e691
6 1.91e597 14 2.07e700
7 1.06e616 15 5.08e708
8 1.84e632 16 3.58e716

280 can change to 279.8 if have this achievement doesn't exist 4

If QKExp>1.2:

If QKExp>738: (This doesn't apply if you have neutrino upgrade 8)

If QKExp>10000:

Color Power bonus formula

In the following formulas, [Color]Expo=log10([Color]Power+1)

Red bonus(increase galaxy efficiency)

(If the player is dilated, the 0.5 becomes 2/3)

If RedBoost>1.3,

If RedBoost>2.3,(Does not apply in dilation)

Green bonus(more extra replicated galaxies)


If GreenBoost>4.5,

Blue bonus(more dilated time production)


If BlueBoostExpo>log10(1300),

If BlueBoostExpo>100,

And finally,BlueBoost=10BlueBoostExpo


When you quantum with at least 2 different types of quark assigned, you get gluons. There are 3 different types of gluons: red-green, green-blue, and blue-red gluons, each created by different combinations of the 3 quark types. When you get gluons after going quantum, one of the two types of quarks will be turned into gluons. The type of quark that will get turned into gluon is based on the name of the gluon type, the first color in the name is the one that will be turned into a gluon. For example: When you create a blue-red gluon, the blue quarks turn into gluons, but the red quarks stay.

Gluon Upgrades

There are a total of 12 main gluon upgrades (4 costing each of 3 types), plus quark doublers.

Gluon Upgrades.

Red-green upgrades

Description Details cost
Remote galaxy cost scaling is reduced. Each remote galaxy multiply galaxy cost by 1.001(instead of 1.002) 1
Galaxies are more effective based on your free galaxies. x 2
First Meta Dimension is boosted by dimension boosts. x(simple mult) 4
Galaxies are 50% stronger, but electrons are 30% weaker and normal galaxies are 60% weaker. 100

Green-blue upgrades

Description Details cost
You gain replicanti faster based on your tickspeed reduction multiplier. x 1
Replicanti interval increases 2x slower. Interval is slower per 616 OoM(from 308) 2
You gain 2.3x IP by buying IP mult. 4
Massively decrease the tickspeed cost multiplier increase to 1.25x. 100

Blue-red upgrades

Description Details cost
You gain more tachyon particles based on your dilated time. x 1
Sacrifice effects dilated time production. 2
Tachyon particles boost the dilated time production more by a little bit. x 4
Multiplier per ten dimensions boosts Meta Dimensions. x 100

Quark doublers

These double the gain of quarks you get on quantum. There are three places to buy them, they start out costing 500 of one of the three gluon types. When you buy one with one kind of gluon, the price to buy with that gluon increases by 100x, however it will not increase the costs to buy with other gluons, after level 467 quark doubler(cost 5e936) cost will multiply 10,000 each quark doubler

Paired Challenges Gluon Upgrades

After unlocking paired challenges, there will be 3 more upgrades for each type of gluon.

Bold: this will change if bought upgrade

Red-green upgrades

Description Details Details Cost
Slow down Dark Matter Galaxies effect by 13%. Base effect: make distant galaxies starts 0.2 earlier every dark matter galaxies, after will be divide by 1+(effect in percent) The 'Slow down' means each galaxy count as less galaxy (divide by 1+effect) when calculating the cost.

For example, without the 7e15 RG upgrade, Each Dark Matter Galaxy will make distant galaxies cost scaling starts 0.2 earlier, with the 7e15 RG upgrade, Each Dark Matter Galaxy will make distant galaxies cost scaling starts 0.177 earlier.

Slow down Distant Antimatter Galaxies effect by 13.2%. (Actually 13.3%) Base effect: make galaxy cost increase 2 higher every distant antimatter galaxies, after will be divide by 1+(effect in percent) 4e19
Slow down Remote Antimatter Galaxies effect by 10%. Base effect: make galaxy cost multi by 1.002(1.001 with 1 red-green gluon upgrade) every remote galaxies, after will be power by 1/(1+(effect in percent))

Also, 3e28 gluon upgrade will be useless if have neutrino upgrade 6


Green-blue upgrades

Description Details Cost
Replicated Galaxies slow down Dark Matter Galaxies effect. % 7e15
Infinity power slows down Distant Antimatter Galaxies effect. % 4e19
Infinity points slow down Remote Antimatter Galaxies effect. % 3e28

Blue-red upgrades

Description Details Cost
Tachyon particles slow down Dark Matter Galaxies effect. % 7e15
Meta-dimension boosts slow down Distant Antimatter Galaxies effect. % 4e19
Eternity points slow down Remote Antimatter Galaxies effect. % 3e28

Tree of Decay Gluon Upgrades

After unlocking Tree of Decay, there will be one more upgrade for each type of gluon.

Description Details Cost
Red unstable quarks decay slower based on your RG gluons. x 1e570 Red-Green gluon
Green unstable quarks decay slower based on your GB gluons. 1e570 Green-Blue gluon
Blue unstable quarks decay slower based on your BR gluons. 1e570 Blue-Red gluon

Quantum Speedruns

Quantum Speedruns unlock when you go quantum within a certain amount of time. You get more rewards the faster you go quantum.

Quantum Speedruns.

Time needed Reward
12 hours Start with 20,000 eternities.
9 hours Unlock time theorem autobuyer.
6 hours Start with all Eternity Challenges completed and eternity upgrades bought.
4.5 hours Start with dilation unlocked.
3 hours Unlock dilation option for eternity autobuyer.

(You will start a dilation run instead of normal eternity run when you auto-eternity for a certain times)

2 hours Start with all dilation studies & non-rebuyable dilation upgrades before Meta Dimensions unlocked except passive TT gen upgrade.
1 hour Unlock the first meta dimension autobuyer and rebuyable dilation upgrades autobuyer.
53.3 minutes Unlock the second meta dimension autobuyer.
46.7 minutes Unlock the third meta dimension autobuyer.
40 minutes Unlock the fourth meta dimension autobuyer.
33.3 minutes Unlock the fifth meta dimension autobuyer and keep time studies and passive TT gen upgrade
26.7 minutes Unlock the sixth meta dimension autobuyer.
20 minutes Unlock the seventh meta dimension autobuyer.
13.3 minutes Unlock the eighth meta dimension autobuyer.
6.67 minutes Unlock meta-dimension boost autobuyer.
5 minutes You keep all time studies in mastery studies.
4 minutes You can buy all Meta Dimensions if it is affordable in your current meta boost.
3.5 minutes Start with 1e13 eternities.
3 minutes Start with 1e25 meta-antimatter on reset.
2.5 minutes You can turn on automatic replicated galaxies(if you have TS131).
2 minutes Rebuyable dilation upgrades and Meta Dimensions autobuyer are 3x faster.
1.5 minutes Start with 1e100 dilated time and dilated time does not reset(by the second repeatable upgrade) until quantum.
1 minute Unlock quantum autobuyer.
30 seconds Replicanti does not reset on eternity.
20 seconds Unlock manual mode for eternity autobuyer and sacrifice galaxy autobuyer.
15 seconds Rebuyable dilation upgrade autobuyer can buy max all upgrades.
10 seconds You can buy max meta dimension boosts and start with 4 meta-dimension boosts.
5 seconds You gain banked infinities based on your post-crunch infinitied stat.

(Infinitied stat you can get this infinity will be counted when getting banked infinitied stats.)

The 6 hours, 4.5 hours, 33.3 minutes, and 10 seconds rewards can be toggled.