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Quantum Challenges and Paired Challenges

Quantum Challenges are a type of challenge where the goal is to reach a certain amount of antimatter and 9.32e446 meta-antimatter, and then do a quantum reset. To start one, you must have a certain amount of electrons. Electrons have no effect in Quantum Challenges. There are 8 Quantum Challenges in the game.

List of Quantum Challenges

Challenge # Electron Cost Description Goal Reward Detail
1 16,750 Normal Dimensions 3-8 don't produce anything. You don't lose everything when you buy Normal Dimensions or tickspeed. e6,650,000,000 Add 0.25x to electron gain multiplier for each Quantum Challenge completed and First & Second Dimensions boost dilated time production. Bonus:

Without PCs:x

With PCs:x

2 19,100 Galaxies have no effect. e76,800,000,000 Get more free galaxies for each threshold. Bonus:

Without PCs:+40%

With PCs:+60%

3 21,500 Infinity Dimensions can be only boosted by meta-antimatter. Meta-antimatter never boosts dimension boosts. e45,250,000,000 Infinity power boosts Meta Dimensions at a greatly reduced rate. ID mult in challenge:


Without PCs:x$   With PCs:x$

4 24,050 Automatic Crunches challenge, but also applied to all dimensions. Meta-dimension boosts cost increases slower and buffs are removed. e53,250,000,000 All even Meta Dimensions boosts all odd Meta Dimensions. MDB cost is increased by 5.5 per MDB.(instead of normal 15)

The MDB cost scaling starts at 55(instead of 15), but the cost increase after scaling is the same.(20 per MDB as usual)

Note: The boost from Automatic Crunch challenge is also applied to meta dimensions(but a little different, which make 2nd dim ^1.3 and 4th dim ^1.5)


Without PCs:xWith PCs:x$

5 25,900 Dimension Supersonic scaling starts instantly and grows much faster. Replicated galaxy cost and free galaxy threshold also grow much faster. Multiplier per ten dimensions is disabled. e13,440,000,000 Multiplier per ten dimensions is boosted by dimension boosts. Supersonic cost increase is increased by 20 per 40000 supersonic(instead of the normal 4 per 40000)

Max RG cost: 10^(170*1.2n)

Free galaxy threshold mult always 102.8 and 2nd repeatable dilation upgrade is useless.


Without PCs:+

With PCs:+ 

6 28,900 IC2, IC6, IC7, and IC8 are applied to Normal, Infinity, and Time Dimensions, and IC3 is applied to Normal Dimensions. Matter cannot surpass antimatter or you fail the challenge and you can't gain dimension boosts. However, the multiplier per ten meta dimensions is a little bit stronger.  e561,000,000 Your achievement bonus boosts Meta Dimensions. Matter cannot surpass antimatter or you fail the challenge only happen if you haven't "the challenge day" achievement

The multiplier per ten meta dimensions doesn't change (why? may be 4/3x). Bonus: Without PCs: AchieveBonus

With PCs: AchieveBonus3

7 31,850 (used to be 31,900) Dimension & tickspeed cost multiplier increases are 1.7977e308x. Multiplier per ten dimensions and meta-antimatter's effect on dimension boosts are disabled.  e62,540,000,000 Decrease the free tickspeed upgrade threshold increase. Bonus:

Without PCs:-2.50%

With PCs:-4.9375%

8 33,600 Infinity Dimensions, Time Dimensions, and Meta-Dimension Boosts are disabled.  e29,250,000,000 You gain extra replicated galaxies faster after 100. Bonus:

Without PCs:3x

With PCs:4x

Paired Challenges

Paired challenges combines two quantum challenges into one. There are four paired challenges. You can unlock them at a mastery study below "Unlock Quantum Challenges" for 4e85 Time Theorems and have completed Quantum Challenge 8. They boost the reward of the used quantum challenges upon completion. You can also respec them. NOTE: Respeccing Paired Challenges will also reset the boosts, so be careful when you respec them.

For every unique paired challenge, you can get Paired Challenge Ranking based on the lowest PC when you complete this challenge(completing a PC in PC1 is more difficult and gives more ranking than in PC4, because you don't get bonus from other PCs when in PC1).

If you can complete a PC with other restrictions(for example, don't start dilation runs or using PC modifiers), you can get even more ranking from a PC. The formula is .

If you get 75 Paired Challenge Ranking, you will unlock anti-dilation modifier(always have 0 TP & DT).

There is an achievement which requires you to get 165 PC Ranking.


Electron Cost:


All Description is "Both Quantum Challenge (SubChall1) and (SubChall2) are applied."

All Reward is "Boost the rewards for these sub-challenges."

Paired Challenge Combo #'s Electron Cost Goal
1 + 2 35,850 electrons e5,107,200,000
1 + 3 38,250 electrons e4,814,600,000

(^1.6 from formula,normal e3,009,125,000)

1 + 4 40,800 electrons e3,541,125,000
1 + 5 42,650 electrons e893,760,000
1 + 6 45,650 electrons e37,306,500
1 + 7 48,600 electrons e4,158,910,000
1 + 8 50,350 electrons e1,945,125,000
2 + 3 40,600 electrons e34,752,000,000
2 + 4 43,150 electrons e40,896,000,000
2 + 5 45,000 electrons e10,321,920,000
2 + 6 48,000 electrons e732,441,600

(^1.7 from formula,normal e430,848,000)

2 + 7 50,950 electrons e48,030,720,000
2 + 8 52,700 electrons e22,464,000,000
3 + 4 45,550 electrons e24,095,625,000
3 + 5 47,400 electrons e6,081,600,000
3 + 6 50,400 electrons e761,557,500

(^3 from formula, normal e253,852,500, only NG+3.1)

3 + 7 53,350 electrons e75,842,258,000

(^2.68 from formula,normal e28,299,350,000)

3 + 8 55,100 electrons e13,235,625,000
4 + 5 49,950 electrons e7,156,800,000
4 + 6 52,950 electrons e298,732,500
4 + 7 55,900 electrons e33,302,550,000
4 + 8 57,650 electrons e15,575,625,000
5 + 6 54,800 electrons e75,398,400
5 + 7 57,750 electrons e8,405,376,000
5 + 8 59,500 electrons e3,931,200,000
6 + 7 60,750 electrons e350,849,400
6 + 8 62,500 electrons e164,092,500
7 + 8 65,450 electrons e18,292,950,000


At current version endgame, only anti-dilation QC2+7,6+8,7+8 is impossible complete.

They have 2,520 unique paired challenge 1-4 can choose.