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Replicants can be unlocked at a mastery study for 4e87 Time Theorems if you have completed Paired Challenge 4. You start with 0 Replicants. To buy one, you need 1e3,000,000 replicanti, which multiplies by 1e100,000 every time you buy 1. Doing so will reset your replicanti if you don't have a certain achievement.

Replicants, after Ghostify update (v2) and completed "Stop blocking me!"

Each replicant produce 1 preon per second, which gives a bonus to the green power bonus. Replicants don't persist between quantums unless you have a certain late-game bonus.

To feed your replicants into workers, you need 3 quantum food. Quantum food can be bought for 2e46 for all 3 gluons, which multiplies by 5 every time you buy one. You also need to spend gluons to increase the cap of workers. You start with 1 worker cap. To increase it, you need to spend 1e49 of all 3 gluons, which multiplies by 200 every time you buy one. Worker amount is capped at 10 until you unlocked emperor dimensions. Also, you have to have MORE normal replicants than workers to feed.

Each worker gathers 20 preons per second. Along with that, they produce 3 eggons per minute (aka 0.05 per second). Workers persist between quantums, but only up to 10 except 8th emperor dimensions.

Every 20 seconds, one eggon will hatch and become a baby replicant. The hatch speed be shortened by 10% with 1e49 of all 3 gluons. The cost will multiply by 10 each time you buy this. It can also be reduced by some Mastery Studies unlocked with replicants. Baby replicants will slowly grow and become normal replicants. The growth rate of baby replicants is (replicant*0.15) per minute. Eggons and baby replicants don't persist between quantums. (Eggons and hatch speed upgrade will disappear with a certain late-game upgrade that makes eggons instantly hatch, means that workers directly produce babies.)

This is how to work:

Buy Replicants(e3e6*e1e5)->Get Normal Replicants->Produce 1 Preon/s

Buy quantum food and worker cap->Feed Worker(need 3 quantum food)->Produce 20 Preon/s and 0.05 Eggon/s

Get Eggon->Hatch Eggons->get Babies->Produce 0.05 Preon/s->Grow and become Normal Replicants

Preon boost formula:


x= 0.25, 0.35 if you have study 362

y= 1, 1.25 if you have study 412