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This article contains no information from the future update, New Game Plus 3 Respecced. You can help it by editing.

Time Dilation is a feature that allows you to go into an eternity where all dimension multiplier exponent are x^0.75 (harder version of a normal run), but you gain tachyon particles based on your antimatter. These produce a resource called dilated time, which you can spend on various upgrades.

Dilated Time upgrades.

Besides the ten upgrades in the original game, there are a total of seven additional dilation upgrades in NG+++, one of which is repeatable.

There are balancing changes that will take effect later on in the game: For example, the "Triple the amount of Tachyon Particles gained." upgrade cost will start to increase faster at 1e100 DT. (Specifically, it normally increases by 20x, but after its cost exceeds 1e100, it will increase an additional 20^(1/2) each time.) In addition, as you get more Tachyon Particles, the upgrade "Generate time theorems based on tachyon particles" will change in formula to make TT generation increase slower, and you can only buy 60 of second dilation upgrade.

Formula of TT production per second after 1e80 TP: 10^(80+sqrt(5log10(TP)-375)-5)/20000

Description Details Cost
Tachyon particle formula is better. This upgrade increases 1.5 to 1.5+0.25*[# of this upgrade bought] from TP gain formula: [log10(antimatter)/400]1.5*[TP gain multiplier] 1e8 DT - Multiplies by 1e4 each purchase. After 1e100 DT cost (24 purchases), its cost multiplier will increase an additional 2 OoMs each purchase.

< 1e100 DT cost: 1e8 * 10^(4 * purchases) DT

>=1e100 DT cost: 1e100 * 10^(4 * (purchases - 24)) * 10^((purchases - 23) * (purchases - 24)) DT

Replicanti increases faster based on dilated time. 1.2x per 308 OoMs -> 1+.2/(1+log10(max(DT,1))/10)x 1e20 DT
Eternities and dilated time power up each other. x^0.1 for each other (eternities/dilated time) 1e25 DT
Gain a multiplier to meta-dimensions based on tickspeed. 1+log(1+log(tickspeed)). This and the next three upgrades require you to have Meta Dimensions unlocked to buy them. 1e50 DT
Meta-dimension shifts, boosts, and per-ten upgrades are boosted by dilated time. log10(log10(DT))+1

Maximum multiplier: 3x (can be increased later on)

1e60 DT
Meta-antimatter effect on dimension boosts is stronger. MA^8 -> MA^9 1e80 DT
Dilated time production is boosted based on best meta-antimatter. log(x)^0.5. Purchasing this upgrade gives you access to the Mastery Studies tab. 1e100 DT