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To unlock the Tree of Decay you must buy the mastery study "Unlock Tree of Decay" after obtaining 16 Nanofield rewards.

The Tree of Decay has three branches, one for each color of quark. Each branch has 2 corresponding currencies: unstable quarks and quark spin. Quarks assigned to a color can be converted into unstable quarks of the same color. The starting exchange rate is e537 Qk:1 UQk. Unstable quarks will slowly decay into quark spins at a rate of 50% every 4 seconds (this can be changed with upgrades).

Quark spins can be used to buy upgrades that affect their branch of the tree, as well as other upgrades, located in the fourth tab.

The branch-specific upgrades control the rate at which quarks decay and how much spin you will get from them. The upgrades are as follows:

Description Base cost Cost growth
Gain 2x quark spin, but quarks decay 2x faster. 300 2x
The gain of unstable quarks is doubled and squared. 600 4x
Quarks decay 4x slower. 1e7 8x

There are 8 additional upgrades in the "Tree Upgrades" tab. They all cost red spin at first, but the color cycles through red, green, and blue when an upgrade is bought.

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