NG+++ Wiki


I will start updating the progress of NG+++ in my blog, starting now. 


Date: 25 July 2020

Eternity Points : 1e3890

Dilated time: 3e17

Time Theorems : 4.8e9

More Info:

I am VERY close to e4000 EP and, I will export my save to NG+++ when I reach that. After I start playing NG+++, I will start posting progress updates on NG+++. Bye!

~Mechanic: Time Dilation ~

Tachyon Particles: 5.41e8

Dilated time: 3e17

Rebuyable Upgrades Costs: 1e18, 1e18, 5.1e18, (NaN)(I am currently in main game)

Non-Rebuyable Upgrades: All

Passive TT: 4.8e9