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I was on the game mode NG^+- along with NG+3 and I just unlocked dilation. As soon as I dilated time, my dilated time went straight to "Infinite", despite my not having any tachyon particles whatsoever and having broken infinity. I checked the variable and it just said NaN. I resetted and tried it again, same thing happened. Tried on different browsers, SAME THING HAPPENED. Reloading the page while dilated didn't help, even resetting the computer itself didn't help. I am on Mac OSX, please help me!!

An additional thing: If I disable dilation and enable it again, EP, IP, and antimatter all become "Infinite" as well. It is impossible to big crunch there.

EDIT: Apparently I didn't eternity enough. I don't know why the bug only happens when you don't eternity enough, but...