NG+++ Wiki

I have a YouTube series on Antimatter Dimensions NG+++. Episode 1 of my series was the first NG+++ video. In case anyone was wondering if there were videos about NG+++. There are currently 36 episodes, but more are coming.

Episode counter

Uploaded: 36

Edited: 37.3

Recorded: 38


Episode 1: Pre-Infinity

Episode 2: Beginning of Infinity epoch

Episode 3: Faster Infinity epoch

Episode 4: Challenges

Episode 5: Breaking Infinity

Episode 6: Infinity Dimensions

Episode 7: Fast IP growth (galaxy upgrade)

Episode 8: Replicantis, Infinity Challenges

Episode 9: Beginning of Eternity

Episode 10: Eternity Milestones

Episode 11: Up to Time Study 181

Episode 12: 1e60 EP to 1e400 EP

Episode 13: Up to 1e1200 EP

Episode 14: Time Dilation

Episode 15: Dilation upgrades, 1e9 DT

Episode 16: 1e13 DT

Episode 17: 1e16 DT

Episode 18: 1e20 DT

Episode 19: 1e25 DT to 1e36 DT

Episode 20: META DIMENSIONS livestream special!

Episode 21: 1e50 DT

Episode 22: 1e60 DT to 1e70 DT

Episode 23: 1e80 DT to 1e90 DT

Episode 24: Mastery Studies!

Episode 25: Row 25x studies

Episode 26: Row 26x studies

Episode 27: 9.32e446 Meta-Antimatter

Episode 28: EC13

Episode 29: EC14

Episode 30: Quantum! Beginning of Q2

Episode 31: Q2, up to 1e20 EP

Epiosde 32: Q2, up to 1e120 EP

Episode 33: Q2, up to 1e1320 EP

Episode 34: Q2, Time Dilation

Episode 35: Q2, Meta-Dimensions

Episode 36: Q2, Mastery Studies

Episode 37: Q2, ?????

Episode 38: Q?

There are also other videos on NG+++ (albeit with little sound) that cover part of the game. This includes the infinity speedrun video and the first infinity video by The Unshattening. There is also a video that uses NG+++ with NG^, basically NG+++ buffed.

A video on just NG^ has been made, that covers the entire main game.